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XFL Attendance: Week 4 in the XFL should see a decline in attendance

The XFL Attendance is something we are going to be keeping a close eye on at NFL Draft Diamonds. We want to see it succeed, so we are hoping they can break their 2001 attendance record of 936,419 fans in 40 games.

Week four will be interesting when it comes to the XFL’s attendance. All the teams will play their second home game in their stadiums, and they would have to beat their first home games attendance for them to break the week 3 attendance.

Here are the first three weeks attendance records.

Here are week 1 numbers: Grand Total: 69,818 fans 

Here are the numbers for week 2: Grand Total: 76,285

Here are week 3’s totals: 81,942

This week the Guardians, Vipers, BattleHawks and Renegades will host games, if they were to hit their totals in their first home game at their stadium they would pass the week 3 total with 82,511 fans in attendance. I am really doubting that happens, but hey I have been wrong before. I personally think there will be a decline this week, especially with the play of the Vipers and the Guardians.


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