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Phillip Blanks Phillip Blanks


That Sports Guy’s Podcast Special Edition Interview: Phillip Blanks, US Marine & Ex-Football Player

By Craig Forrestal In this episode, we get to know Phillip Blanks. Together we discuss his actions where he catches a little...

NFL Draft DIamonds Small School Rankings


2021 NFL Draft Small School Rankings with over 700 prospects

NFL Draft Diamonds Small School Rankings As many of you know, we at NFL Draft Diamonds are already scouting players from the 2021 NFL...

Colin Kaepernick was right

San Francisco 49ers

Do you finally agree with Colin Kaepernick’s stance?

Joe Lockhart was a former executive in the National Football League when Colin Kaepernick knelt during a football game. It became a...

Tre Walker Tre Walker

2021 NFL Draft Prospect: Tre Walker, WR, San Jose State University

Tre Walker is only 5110 but he has turned into one of the most...

JaQuan Bailey JaQuan Bailey

2021 NFL Draft Prospect: JaQuan Bailey, DL, Iowa State University

I am from Florida and a few years ago I had the honor to...

Chase Lucas Chase Lucas

2021 NFL Draft Prospect: Chase Lucas, CB, Arizona State University

The NFL looks for players who are versatile and Arizona State University cornerback Chase...

Sage Surratt Sage Surratt

2021 NFL Draft Prospect: Sage Surratt, WR, Wake Forest

Yesterday, I broke down Chazz Surratt calling him one of the most athletic and...

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