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Five hidden gems in the 2019 NFL Draft on the front seven

2019 NFL Draft Hidden Gems by Matt Anzio

All Front Seven Edition
Ronald Ollie is one of the draft’s biggest sleepers. He has heart and you can see it on display every time you turn on the film.

NT/ DT    – Ronald Ollie

  • School –  Nicholls State
  • Height: 6’ 2            
  • Weight: 310 lbs     
  • Projected Forty – 4.89
  • Projected Reps at 225lbs –  33  
  • 2018 – 41 tackles 2 sacks upon his return Last Chance U  Star on Netflix             
  • Hometown: Shubuta Miss

From Tragedy to triumph if you don’t know the story by now I highly recommend checking it out on Last Chance U or Draft Diamonds also did an interview with Ollie here.

The tough resilient inspirational young man that has had to overcome every trial & tribulation known to man throughout his lifetime. Featured on the TV sports documentary Last Chance U which can now be found on Netflix. If you saw the show you are familiar with the story of him leaving the Houston football team. After being out of football all together he called up a former coach that was now with Nicholls State. Then I believe he left Nicholls in hopes of” Greener” or FBS pastures. No FBS team picked Ollie up, so he returned to NSU this season brought that chip on his shoulder with him, This past year really started to come into his own on the DL as part of a stout NSU D that has several pro prospects on that defense as a whole.

Physically gifted built like  a brick wall sturdy wide strong base. Demands double teams natural 2 gap ability. Nice spring off the line in pass rush scenarios, don’t expect a man of his stature to propel himself  off the line & have such closing speed. Understands gap responsibilities on combo blitz’s or stunts.Has been used inside & out strong heavy punch inside the shoulder pads the big DL prospects can move offensive guards or centers off the ball effortlessly. Unrelenting motor , high intensity lineman that has enough burst for 34 Defensive end, the size & power to be moved inside to either defensive tackle position.  

Already has some fame endured the spotlight from his time on Last Chance U  where he was many of a viewers favorite character? Sometimes you have to put contents under pressure to create  a hidden gem. Be interesting to see how this young man develops. Hopefully he can stay humble keep his head as he transitions into the pro football world.  Versatile strong quick twitch defender with a knack for getting behind the line. Has all the tools in his toolbox to become an integral part of a top-notch professional Defense.

Jibreel Hazly of Florida A&M is a hard hitting linebacker with great speed. (Photo courtesy of Jibreel Hazly)

Jibreel Hazly Jr -OLB/ Edge  

  • Florida A & M
  • Height : 6’  1 Weight:    235lbs
  • Projected Forty – 4:58        
  • Projected Reps At 225 lbs –  17
  • Bowl Invite & Played in the FCS  Senior Bowl 2019
  • Hometown :  Akron Ohio


Exciting player to watch initial first step is  something that is noticable.

Exploding off the ball keeps good hat level flying off the line avoiding blocks or drop his weight upon contact.  Instincts along with timing to get behind the line on a run play to stop running backs for a loss. Keeps arms tight on run gap responsibilities to get hung up.  Has the speed to get outside on O- Tackles takes the proper angles to the QB on the pass rush. Quick strong arms hand on the rip to get off blocks efficiently with enough burst to be a disruption.  Shifty rapidly moving feet for a big long outside linebacker prospect. Plays with intensity razor-sharp perspective from snap to whistle. Vicious on the attack whether with his hand in the dirt or from a standing position.  Could be useful in the short & intermediate pass game. Wins with exceleration & determination goes hard through the whistle. Good pad level avoids trash on his way to the QB. Can stop redirect naturally athletic change of direction. Takes good angles special recognition does not allow playmakers to get out of reach often.    

He has the type of frame that could add 20 to 25 pounds if needed to play Defensive end but honestly think he has the talent most of all speed to be a Outside linebacker no matter in a 34 or 43 LB  set. Tremendous ball get off hugs the line on pass rush comes off the edge with maximum magnitude & ferocity. Can be moved from strong side to weak side without losing his cantankerous ferocious momentum.   Payed Inside outside defensive end & linebacker in his College career. Was asked to stand up at time then again down at the Gridiron football showcase last month. Looks like a very natural transition for the former end that if used well could put his hand in the dirt on wider techniques but also stand up in tighter formations. Size, speed tenacity to wreak havoc behind the line on a consistent nature. Looks like a constiment pro that can be utilized in a variety of ways. I am a huge fan of this young man’s game look forward to see if Hazeley can make the jump from college to the pro’s. Know i’ll be pulling for him wherever he winds up.   

RJ Martin is a big boy with a mean streak. He takes up some space and is constantly causing issues in the backfield.

DT/DE –   R. J. Martin

  • School: Adams State
  • Height: 6’2       
  • Weight: 287 lbs
  • Hand: 8 ½      
  • Wingspan: 79”   
  • Projected Forty – 4.81             
  • Projected Reps 225 lbs – 34   
  • Number – 92                 
  • Hometown: Denver, Colorado   


Athletic Powerful D line Prospect R.J. Martin plays with a relentless motor.

Strong mountainous size with intelligence to pin the weak shoulder on the inside against the run shed the blocker locates the ball carrier, sure tackler. Uses O lineman’s leverage against then can decipher thru recognition pass or run down adjust accordingly. DC at Adams  State obviously saw this versatility in R.j. He moved him all over the line in different formations really got to see Martin pass rush & run gapping from all four positions. Takes good angles on pursuit whether straight ahead or laterally has a good feel of plays before they develop. Can read the play before the ball is snapped.  The long-run capability to track a ball carrier from sideline to sideline. The jump of the edge to get around the outside with swiftness .

Wide cock diesel frame can get low stay low shifts his weight effectively upon impact. Played ST watched him a block a kick with his long 79” wingspan he is a versatile hard worker. With the strength get off determination to help a team in many ways. A high character player that i have taken a liking too think he is very mature level headed therefor coachable DL prospect. Anyone following this draft knows that DL is a super deep group this year. We are seeing bigger, stronger massive DL prospects running the same time as linebackers use to run 5 years ago. Martin is beyond a sleeper not invited to a single All-Star event, no articles, interviews or scouts knocking down his door.

That doesn’t mean he is not a pro-caliber D line prospect. He has  some amazing movement skills athletic with a big gap filling wide strong frame. Worth a look his highlights courtesy of Hudl over 12 minutes long. Martin moving all over the line playing ST consistently giving lineman fits creating problems for the QB & RB alike.

Brodrick Mclean may not fit the prototypical size for a linebacker, but you cannot deny his passion and heart. He plays the game with tons of intensity

ILB/ LB – Brodrick McClean Jr   

  • School:  University Of God’s Chosen
  • Height- 5’10
  • Weight- 250 lbs
  • Projected Forty – 4.62    
  • Projected Reps at 225 – 25  
  • 2018 AFE Unity Bowl, 2018 Globe BOwl & 2018 FAFISS Senior Bowl    
  • Hometown:  Laurinburg N.C.

Maybe it’s because Inside linebackers have to be good communicators by nature. It just seems hard to find, but Brodrick is the most stand up, easy to talk to, yet the hardest-working guy in his defensive group. He is a field gorilla of the D for the Inside linebackers. Brodrick has those same traits we seek in our inside LB. Heavy lean to get behind the line on a run blitz with great force & urgency.  

Like a Pilot train or lead train helping to orchestrate the defensive alignments diagnosing thru center recognition whether it is a run or pass down by recognizing the strong side of the O formation. Although not the fastest linebacker on earth he does have short area burst, smarts take the right angles against the run pass or in pursuit of a player after the catch.  Downhill hammer good stance fleeting feet for a 250 pound back has some zip in the shuffle. Can’t stop and go fluidly with quick flip hips natural low sturdy center of gravity from the point of attack. Individual stats are not as important to Mclean then the overall vision of the defense as a whole.

Willingness to gap fill let others shine while fulfilling an important block or gap responsabilite. That is just the kind of player & human being Brodrick is a prospect i don’t only consider another report but a friend. In the short time i have known the Inside backer he has been nothing but a class act. Talks with nothing but gratitude & respect consider him a very high character prospect.  

Had an impressive 78 tackles, 11 TFL, 2 sacks 3 PBU & 2 FR in just 6  games on the Carolina Dragons developmental League. Before that was team captain for UGC at inside linebacker had  28 tackles 11 TFL, 45 yd FR for a TD 2 PBU before having his season cut short from financial issues. He shows the resilience attitude toughness & work ethic every scout should be looking for.

Raymond Sarkodieh of Assumption College is a solid pass rusher

DE/ DL – Ray Sarkodieh

  • School: Assumption
  • Height: 6’ 2      
  • Weight: 265lbs
  • Projected Forty – 4:71          
  • Projected Reps 225 –   22
  • Hometown:  Worcester, Mass.   


Master of stunts athletic fleeting gap exchange.

Can stunt from the rush end to the” A” gap with flawless execution &  lightning precision. Low center of gravity carved out of stone with violent quick moving hands arms that blockers have trouble getting a hand on. Strong Pin to ragdoll blockers shoot the gap like a rocket. Technically sound with a natural knee bend extremely loose fluid hips & feet.  QB sack master he gets home a lot with his short speed strong hands gets to the QB & drops them like a bad habit.

Monster on run down can explode into the backfield with his uppercut drop the runner for a loss. Has show patience  lateral skills to stay out in front of runners or close down lanes in a heartbeat. High energy high intensity with the long speed to run across the whole face of the O. The never quite attitude to track backs down from behind.

The football intelligence to recognize formations or sniff out screen or bubble plays. Hard guy to get a hand on as a 6’1 DE with rapid body movement skills & power from head to toe. Hard worker showed up at the Gridiron Showcase last month & heard his name from several guys a lot smarter than me.  Could add the weight to be a DE but also shows enough athleticism to play 34 OLB.

Kind of a tweener but but if i was a D coordinator for a pro team. I would use him as a Rush end defensive End because i love his force & eruptive nature when the ball is snapped. Has the speed outside think he has the brawn to get push on the interior if needed. Really so versatile cause he could stand up in a five six or wide nine set & have success standing up off the edge if needed. That is a pretty well versed defensive prospect.  

Damond Talbot

NFL Draft Diamonds was created to assist the underdogs playing the sport. We call them diamonds in the rough. My name is Damond Talbot, I have worked extremely hard to help hundreds of small school players over the past several years, and will continue my mission. We have several contributors on this site, and if they contribute their name and contact will be in the piece above. You can email me at

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