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2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Marques Cox, OT, Kentucky

Marques Cox the standout offensive tackle from Kentucky is a big man with a mean streak.  The Kentucky Wildcats
Marques Cox the standout offensive tackle from Kentucky is a big man with a mean streak. Bryan Ault of the Hula Bowl breaks down the versatile offensive lineman.

Player Data

Name, Jersey #Marques Cox, #69
School (Code)KYUN
DOB, Class Yr12-28-1999, 6th Yr. Sr.
Height, Weight6051, 317
40 Yd Dash5.15
Season Viewed (yr)2023
Games WatchedGAUN, MOUN, FLUN
Scout Name / DateBryan Ault / 10-18-2023

Per Year Stats (Most Recent First)

20224 GP
202114 GP
20206 GP
201910 GP

Player Summary:

6th year senior, transfer from Northern Illinois.  LT starter.  Big long-limbed OT prospect with good height and impressive frame.  Above-average run blocker and average pass protector v. SEC competition.  As a run blocker, he is above-average.  Displays good first step and quickness to launch his hands.  Runs his feet on contact.  Can lock out, press, and use his length to knock back defenders when he wants to.  Is a good puller and displays good foot speed for his size.  Good puller but not as effective as he can be when blocking in space.  Has a tough time latching onto second-level defenders; needs to work on hand placement.  Needs to work on initial defender before moving upfield to block linebackers.  Gets bulled back around the goal line.  In pass protection, he is average. Plays with a wide base, quick first step, and can rework and replace his hands.  Susceptible to spin moves because he tends to bend at the waist and overextend instead of sitting on a stool and sinking his weight.  Will occasionally cross over his feet in his pass set instead of keeping his base.  Gets his shoulders turned instead of staying square to oncoming rushers.  Gets walked back into the pocket too much; needs to keep his feet anchored to the ground.  Generally plays with good balance and effort, but would like to see him become more dominant and flash more of a mean streak.  

Scheme Fit:


Power Statement:

Marques is an above-average run blocker and average pass protector.  I would like to see him play with better hand placement, display ability to sink his weight and become more dominant.  His size, strength and foot speed could be valuable assets to an NFL team.

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