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2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Isaac Rex, TE, BYU

Isaac Rex the standout tight end from BYU is a very solid prospect. Hula Bowl senior scout Bryan Ault breaks down the film
Isaac Rex the standout tight end from BYU is a very solid prospect. Hula Bowl senior scout Bryan Ault breaks down the film

Player Data

Name, Jersey #Isaac Rex
School (Code)UTBY
DOB, Class Yr8/4/1998, 5th year Jr.
Height, Weight6053, 246
40 Yd Dash4.75
Arms, Hands3314, 0934
Season Viewed (yr)2022
Games WatchedVALB, ARUN, WYUN
Scout Name / DateBryan Ault / 8-27-2023

Per Year Stats (Most Recent First)

202222 REC, 320 YDS, 6 TD
202118 REC, 191 YDS, 3 TD
202037 REC, 429 YDS, 12 TD
20191 REC, 23 YDS

Player Summary:

Fifth year Junior. TE starter. Versatile – has aligned at TE, I-WR, and O-WR spots.  Good TE prospect with a lot of potential.  Possesses good size and measurables for the position.  Good run blocker, a good receiver, and strong in pass protection.  As a run blocker, he is good.  Is very effective with running his feet on contact and driving defenders off the ball.  Has good inside hand placement and ability to latch.  Can chip v. pass rushing DLs and release into the flat.  Is an effective run blocker also when he is aligned out on the perimeter.  As a receiver, he is good.  Needs to work on separation as a route runner and develop more burst off the LOS, but caught nearly everything thrown to him in the games viewed.  Has a wide catch radius with the ability to high-point the ball.  Can go up and win contested catches.  Size presents matchup problems, especially around the GL.  Doesn’t run away from anybody, but can leap over defenders after the catch, keep pushing vertically, and lower his shoulder on contact.  Gets wide open frequently but his quarterback often misses him.  In pass protection, he is also good.  Shows ability to sustain rushers and effective hand placement.  Stays balanced and plays with good posture.  Could widen his stance a little bit in pass pro.  Has one more year of eligibility due to COVID-19, but don’t see how staying would benefit him.  Has a high ceiling.  

Scheme Fit:


Power Statement:

Isaac is a good receiver, a good run blocker, and an effective pass protector.  He shows strong measurables for the position and also displays good fundamentals and technique.  He has a high ceiling and could develop into a high draft pick.

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