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Best Fantasy NFL Picks for the 2023 Season

Dr. Jesse Morse discusses the knee injury to Christian McCaffrey. What does this mean for Week 13?
Best Fantasy NFL Picks for the 2023 Season

While it may still be a bit too early to make any exact predictions, there is no harm in looking at the stats and starting to consider the top picks for the 2023 Fantasy NFL season. 

The draft is now less than couple of months away, and that means there is already plenty of speculation going on, along with some certainties you can bank on. 

We have compiled a short list of the best players we believe you should try and get in your early NFL fantasy teams and keep on the radar as the season gets closer. 

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#1 – Christian McCaffrey

McCaffrey’s lack of playing time in the 2020 and 21 seasons made him a doubtful choice for many managers last season, but there is no doubt that he is one of the best picks for this one following his returns last year. 

The 49ers running back had his best season yet in their impressive run and managed 1,130 rushing yards, 85 catches, and 13 touchdowns in his 17 games. With such numbers, it will be hard to ignore him in the fantasy drafts, provided he avoids injuries and gets as many minutes as we anticipate. 

The 49ers list of potential starting quarterbacks is quite extensive, but whomever they may choose for the role, they will depend heavily on McCaffrey’s performances. 

With the San Francisco outfit looking so well in recent games, it may well be time for McCaffrey and his teammates to get back into the Super Bowl and possibly even win it all this time around.

#2 – Travis Kelce

The Chiefs put up another impressive performance in 2022 and ended up winning their second title in just four years, with Kelce playing a key role in their run. 

The 33-year-old tight end managed 110 catches over 17 games, good for his personal career high, along with other impressive stats that included 12 touchdowns and 1,338 receiving yards. 

While Kelce is a popular second-round pick in fantasy drafts most years, this could be a season to take the Chiefs’ tight end in the first round and watch him produce all year round. 

Of course, all will depend on your competition and your overall draft plan, but Travis Kelce is one of those players you simply can’t go wrong with, and he has been proving it for many years in a row. 

#3 – Justin Jefferson

What an impressive season it’s been for the Vikings’ wide receiver! With 1,809 receiving yards, and 8 receiving touchdowns, Jefferson has made sure his name is high on the list of all manager’s wishes this year. 

Vikings will be hoping to perform even better than last season in 2023, and an in-form Jefferson can help them a long way in doing so if he is able to replicate last year’s numbers. 

It would be highly beneficial to get Justin in the first draft round if possible, with only a handful of players looking like better value at this time.


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