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Can Fantasy Football Managers Have Success with Fantasy eSports?

Can Fantasy Football Managers Have Success with Fantasy eSports?
Can Fantasy Football Managers Have Success with Fantasy eSports?

Fantasy football has been around for decades in one form or another and it has helped shape entire generations of sports fans. 

With the spread of daily fantasy sports through online platforms, many other sports have become important parts of the fantasy world, including eSports.

The popularity of eSports keeps increasing by the year, and many eSports teams and players are becoming nearly as popular as athletes and clubs from sports like football, basketball, or hockey. 

With that in mind, fantasy eSports are certainly worth a look at, and we try to consider the idea of fantasy football managers transitioning into fantasy eSports and profiting in this era. 

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How Does Fantasy eSports Work?

Daily fantasy eSports work in a very similar way to other fantasy sports, with real world players (often called managers) selecting players from a pool of live players playing in a particular eSports league or tournament. 

Many popular eSports tournaments are offered on daily fantasy sports platforms, including games like League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and others. 

The points system differs based on the eSports your fantasy team will be competing in, with things like kills, captured flags, and won games counting towards your points. 

Before you start playing fantasy eSports, you will have to familiarize yourself with the game in question, the rules of the competition, and your competitors.

However, since so many people may be playing fantasy eSports just for fun, there is a lot of value in putting some time and effort into learning what’s actually going on and where your edge can come from. 

Comparing Fantasy Football and Fantasy eSports

If you are already a proficient fantasy football manager, there is a very good chance you will do well in fantasy eSports as well. 

The basic premise is the same, and you will have the opportunity to get the same kind of advantages by tracking form, previous results, and comparing the form of certain players against certain teams, etc. 

Much like football players, eSports players all have their strengths and weaknesses, and you will need to exploit these strengths and weaknesses to spend your budget the best possible way and optimize your points count. 

The big step in moving from fantasy football to fantasy eSports will be learning how each eSport actually works and what points are awarded for, as well as doing all the necessary research on the players. 

If you want to seriously compete, we highly suggest watching regular eSports streams and competing in an eSport you play or have interest in to begin with. 

If you don’t enjoy watching eSports at all, sticking to fantasy football and other regular sports is probably a good idea, because you will not be able to pick up all the ins and outs without getting involved very actively with the eSports community.

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