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How to Make Fantasy Draft Day More Exciting

How to Make Fantasy Draft Day More Exciting
How to Make Fantasy Draft Day More Exciting! Our Fantasy League gives out a Championship Belt!

As the NFL opening match has just been kicked underway, many fantasy sports lovers anticipate the draft day. We come forth with tips to make your fantasy draft day memorable.

6 Tips to Make Fantasy Football Draft Day More Fun

Are you a fantasy football league manager or commissioner (host)? Chances are you want to make this year’s draft day more eventful. Here are 6 ways to make fantasy football draft day more exciting.

1. Do It In-person

To make fantasy draft day memorable, the first unwritten rule is to do it live. This helps create bonds among the participants, sets the vibe for the new season, and creates room for other beautiful experiences that can only be enjoyed in person. Of course, an in-person draft only works when the other participants are also adventurous and high-spirited like you.

2. Create Hype

Hype is a great way to build enthusiasm and excitement ahead of draft day. Because, again, the success of a live drafting session is tied to the number of people around. To build hype, start by creating an active group chat where managers get to know each other. Also, keep an open discussion about significant happenings in the preseason to keep the group buzzing, and don’t forget to throw in some banter from time to time.

3. Spice It Up

The draft day is not for team selection alone. Dare to include other fun activities to increase excitement. For example, you may organize a team sport before the drafting or meet up in a bar to lighten the mood. Don’t also forget to order food or throw a small party to make it more memorable.

4. Crown The League Champion

Incentives drive more competition and reduce sloppiness. So if you’ve set a reward in the previous session, the draft day may be an excellent occasion to crown your champions. If

possible, ensure the runner-ups are active managers and are duly compensated for driving engagement in the previous season. Some gift ideas for fantasy league winners are trophies, medals, dinner treats, or even a toilet seat cleaner.

5. Bant The Losers

The draft day can never go wrong by throwing low jibes at the losers. This helps drive more competition and excitement for the next season. The bantering session is also ideal for learning from the winners. So don’t hesitate to ask them to share tips for managing players and resources to get updated information about NFL team news and injury updates. All of these will help you perform better in the new season.

6. Get Draft Kits

Ensure the commissioner keeps a draft board or online software to help everyone track the selection process. The managers must hold a pencil or pen to document their selections too. This will help everyone have an overview of who has been drafted and who is still available for selection.

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Managing a fantasy league can be time-consuming and exciting at the same time. Therefore, betting adds extra fun to your fantasy while you also turn your passion to profit. There are various NFL betting sites for predicting professional football game outcomes for a chance to win cash. However, it would help to learn how betting odds work and only stake an amount of money you can afford to lose.


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