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2022 Super Bowl LVI: A casual fan’s guide to everything you could possibly want to know about Super Bowl 56

If you’re a die-hard football fan, you’re already aware that the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals will square off in Super Bowl LVI for the NFL championship in 2022. But what if you’re not a huge NFL fan? Or, what if your yearly Super Bowl involvement is limited to attending an event and attempting to add to the discussions between commercials? 

You need to know more about Super Bowl’s Moneyline Odds, and we’ve got you covered in this instance. It’s the sixth annual guide to the Super Bowl for casual fans.

Are there any significant guidelines I should be aware of before I begin watching?

It’s tough to predict which rules will be set and why before the game begins, but you’ll hear about at least some or all of the following:

Pass Interference: (This rule is just how it sounds. It occurs when one player obstructs another player’s ability to catch a pass.) When the defense commits pass interference, the offense receives the first down at the place of the infraction. When the offensive commits it, it loses ten yards and must repeat the down. It’s the most probable penalty that will be contested throughout the game. Illegal contact is a less severe kind of pass interference since it happens before the ball is thrown and obstructs a player’s ability to run his route and not receive the ball. It’s a five-yard penalty that results in a first down as well. The league-wide application of this punishment is wildly uneven.

A false start and offside: These are pre-snap calls that result in a five-yard penalty for both offense and defense. While a false start requires the action to be immediately blown dead, there are numerous other types of offside penalties; one of which does not need the play to be immediately blown dead and instead results in an offensive-free play.

Roughing the passer. It occurs when a defensive player commits an unsportsmanlike or risky act against the quarterback. The penalty is applied inconsistently across the league. It’s a 15-yard penalty that automatically results in a first down.

Targeting: When a player lowers his helmet and makes contact with another player’s head or neck, he is called for targeting. It may occur with either an offensive or defensive player; however, defensive players are penalized considerably more often. Additionally, this is a 15-yard penalty. The league-wide application of this punishment is wildly uneven.

Delay of game: The attacking team must snap the ball within a certain period. That is often 40 seconds following the conclusion of the preceding play. The play clock is 25 seconds in certain cases (such as after timeouts), but it’s 40 seconds for the majority of plays. There will be occasions when the play clock on the screen reads 0 seconds, but the officials do not issue a delay of game penalty since the NFL, for whatever reason, permits teams one additional beat to snap the ball after the play clock terminates. Sometimes. 

Who will compete in Super Bowl LVI? And why is the game referred to as Super Bowl LVI?

The Los Angeles Rams represent the NFC and are favored by four points. Caesars Sportsbook’s betting experts believe this will be a tight game but the Rams are the slightly superior team. Meanwhile, the Cincinnati Bengals represent the AFC. The two teams may be distinguished by their different color palettes. The Rams are dressed in blue, gold, and white, while the Bengals are dressed in orange, black, and white.

Super Bowl LVI is referred to as such because it’s the 56th Super Bowl, and it’s LVI in Roman numerals. Since Super Bowl V, the NFL has used Roman numerals for each Super Bowl (excluding Super Bowl 50). The NFL’s media guide states, “The Roman numerals were chosen to avoid any misunderstandings that may arise as a result of the NFL Championship Game — the Super Bowl — being played in the year after a chronologically recorded season. The digits I through IV were eventually added to commemorate the first four Super Bowls.”

When does the Super Bowl take place? What happened to it?

The Super Bowl will take place on Sunday, February 13, 2022, at 6:30 p.m. ET. The game will be held in Inglewood, California’s SoFi Stadium. The NFL changes the Super Bowl’s venue each year to offer a neutral environment where neither team gets home-field advantage. That strategy had previously succeeded every year until the Buccaneers won the Super Bowl at their own stadium last year. The Rams now have the opportunity to make it two in a row.

And how long will it last?

As Cody Benjamin highlighted a few years ago, the average Super Bowl telecast has lasted around three and a half hours over the last two decades. It’s rather lengthy; it includes a 20- to 30-minute halftime performance.

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