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Fantasy Football Injury News: Sunday Night Wrap Up | Breaking down the injuries of Week 14

Dr. Jesse Morse gives every injury from last week and what he expects out of each player with the rest of the season. We’ll be breaking down injuries game-by-game. Timestamps included below.

0:0:00 Intro 0:2:17 Steelers – No concerns 0:2:24 Vikings – A. Thielen & D. Cook 0:3:50 Ravens – D. Freeman & L. Jackson 0:4:18 Browns – D. Njoku, H. Bryant, J. Landry, B. Mayfield, N. Chubb, K. Hunt 0:5:10 Jaguars – J. Robinson, 0:5:43 Titans – J. Jones, D. Henry, AJ Brown 0:6:40 Raiders – K. Drake, J. Jacobs, D. Waller 0:7:40 Saints – A. Kamara, D. Harris, A. Trautman 0:9:09 Jets – Z. Wilson, C. Davis, M. Carter 0:9:32 Cowboys – A. Cooper, D. Schultz, Zeke 0:10:13 Falcons – R. Gage, K. Pitts, C. Patterson 0:10:41 Panthers – CMC 0:11:00 Football Team – L. Thomas, T. McLaurin, A. Gibson, JD McKissic 0:12:35 Seahawks – A. Peterson, A. Collins, T. Lockett, DK Metcalf, R. Wilson 0:13:37 Texans – D. Johnson, T. Taylor, D. Mills 0:14:14 Underdog Fantasy Promo 0:14:59 Lions – D. Swift, A. St. Brown, J. Goff 0:15:28 Broncos – C. Sutton, J. Williams, J. Jeudy, T. Bridgewater, M. Gordon 0:16:50 Giants – S. Shepard, K. Toney, K. Golladay, S. Barkley, D. Jones, M. Glennon 0:17:37 Chargers – K. Allen 0:17:58 49ers – E. Mitchell, D. Samuel, G. Kittle, B. Aiyuk, J. Wilson, T. Cannon, J. Hasty 0:20:08 Bengals – T. Boyd, T. Higgins, J. Mixon 0:20:32 Bills – A. Brown, C. Godwin 0:22:19 Bears – J. Fields, A. Robinson 0:22:30 Packers – A. Rodgers, A. Jones, AJ Dillon 0:22:44 Rams – OBJ, D. Henderson 0:23:28 Cardinals – K. Murray, D. Hopkins, C. Edmonds 0:23:55 Wrap Up


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