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San Antonio Gunslingers defeat the Austin Wild 34-24| A report from the game

San Antonio Gunslingers beat the Austin Wild
Our writer Justin Kelm attended the San Antonio Gunslingers game against the Austin Wild making a 12 hour round trip. So check out how the game between the two AAL teams went down!

Tensions ran high well before the the opening kick from the Rose Palace, home of the San Antonio Gunslingers. A lot of banter between both teams set the tone for a very intense game. The Gunslingers came into the game with a overall record of 1-1. The win on the season came on the road in Hattiesburg, Mississippi as the Gunslingers defeated the Mississippi Raiders 46 to 23.

The Austin Wild came into the game not having played a game this season. The Wild are a travel team this season as they could not secure a home field for the 2021 American Arena League season. The Gunslingers returned home and debuted a entire new field. The repurposed Quad City Steamwheelers field looked great. The game was broadcasted on numerous social media outlets as well. The Wild came into the game looking to cause mayhem.

The Wild, from Austin won the toss but deferred until the second half. The Gunslingers offense made their way out to the field but were quickly in some trouble. The Wild defense came alive and forced the turnover on downs. The Wild’s offense was led by Quarterback Carl Robinson (UMHB/Trinity Valley Community College).

The Gunslingers defense got through the Wild’s offensive line and got the sack. Jonathan Taylor quickly penetrated and took Robinson down. Taylor continued to build on his play in the previous week against Mississippi in which he wreaked havoc on the Raiders offensive line. Things got chippy as both teams got into each other’s faces. The Gunslingers forced the Wild to turn the ball over on downs. Middle Linebacker Codie Brooks made this happen, as he swallowed up Robinson.

On their second possession Gunslingers quarterback David Olvera found wide receiver Shawn Muller for the touchdown. The Wild players did not touch Muller as he danced his way into the end zone. The Gunslingers went up 7 to 0. This was the same score heading into the second quarter. The Gunslingers then were stopped on a third down play by Wild defensive back Jamarcus Robinson. You would think that this would end the drive for the Gunslingers, but Olvera had other plans.

San Antonio Gunslingers v. Austin Wild

Olvera found wide receiver Mike Williams for the touchdown as he drug himself across the goal line. The score was now 13 to 0. Penalties were assessed all over. The Wild could not find a way to get their offense going and they gave the ball right back to the Gunslingers. Olvera found wide receiver Kali Rashaad Jr. for the touchdown. This play was wild, no pun intended. Austin players and San Antonio players got into it after this play. Flags were flying all over. The score was 19 to 0 in favor of the Gunslingers.  

The Wild had to find a way or this game was going to get out of hand. It already was getting out of hand as tempers reached all time highs. On fourth and goal, Robinson found wide receiver Matt Washington for the Wild’s first points of the game. The two point conversion failed and the Wild trailed 19 to 6. On the ensuing kickoff, Gunslingers Mike Willams returned it for a touchdown. The PAT was successful and the score was 26 to 6 going into half time. The Wild had to figure something out at the half.

Coach King and the Wild did just that. The Wild went on to score 18 unanswered points in which they cut the lead down to just two, 26-24. Robinson found Washington, and Darius Dorsey twice. The Gunslingers began to feel the pressure. With the clock continuing to run, the Gunslingers knew they had to find their way into the end zone. Fullback Calloway rumbled his way for the touchdown.

The entire Gunslingers fans and coaching staff erupted with amazement. The Wild knew that their chances had faded. The madness continued as the PAT was botched and Gunslingers kicker Manny Nunez became a quarterback and found Joey Fisher for the two point conversion. The score was now 34 to 24 in favor of the Gunslingers. Madness ensued later in the game, as in the far end a Wild player and a fan got into it verbally. There was a exchange between fans and a player. The Wild player attempted to climb over the fence to get at the fan, but was pulled back down by his teammates. The game finally came to a close.

The San Antonio Gunslingers defeated the Austin Wild 34 to 24. With the win, the Gunslingers improved to 2-1 on the year while the Wild fell to 0-1. 


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