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Draft Diamonds Free Agent Interview: Dominique Dafney, Wide Receiver

Dominique Dafney is a jack-of-all-trades on the football field. The former Indiana State Wide Receiver recently sat down with Justin Berendzen.

Hello, I am @jrberendzen on Twitter and this is one of my free agent interviews where I ask very deserving free agents questions about the players themselves and about what a team would get in these players. All of these players should get picked up by NFL and CFL teams and get a shot at being a career football player. So I hope you all read this interview of Dominique and follow his journey on Twitter @DDafney24

1)Rank focus, footwork, and skill-based on what is most important to you as a football player and explain why?

 Focus, skill, footwork. Football is more of a mental game than people are aware of. If you and your team aren’t focused on the field and focused on the task at hand, there’s a chance you can get run out of the stadium carrying a loss.

2) What type of energy do you bring to the football field?

Definitely bring a lot of energy on the football field, but very controlled. Not a person who needs to dance around and scream to let you know I’m ready to go, you can just feel it from the preparation and focus that I bring to the drills on a daily basis. I pride myself on being energetic as well as professional to set an example for the rest of the team.

3) What is your mindset when you are on the football field?

My mindset is to beat the player across from me on every snap. As a receiver most of my life, we don’t get a chance to get the ball every other snap like a running back, so I want them to feel me on run plays, as well as pass plays to let them know it’s going to be a long day for them when they step up to the line against me.

4) If your life was a tv show what would you call it and why?

I would call it “What’s Next?!” the meaning behind this is the fact that throughout my entire football career I’ve had to prove myself to the people around me that I belong there and that not only am I good enough to be at the level, but I’m great enough to exceed and lead at this level. And once I’ve proven one person wrong, I’m asking “What’s Next?!”, because there’s always going to be someone who will come and doubt me, and I have to prove them wrong once again.

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5) What is your favorite stadium that you have played in?

The favorite stadium would have to be Wisconsin or Iowa State. The atmosphere was so wild and amazing, it felt like their fans were right behind us the entire game. There were times they were so loud I could feel my body shaking from the noise.

6)What are your favorite moments from your football life?

Favorite moments would be winning 2 bowl games, starting my first game on offense for Indiana State, and my last game for Indiana State where I scored 5 TDs and ran for 244 yards.

7) What is your favorite workout?

My favorite workout is legs and core because in my opinion they’re the most important. Arms and chest are just for looks, but a lot of successful TEs and RBs have crazy strong legs and are able to keep their feet and legs moving to break tackles or finish pancake blocks.

8) What made you decide you wanted to be a football player?

My late Uncle Bernard Dafney is the reason I even wanted to play football in the first place. Watching him be violent and play with so much passion and emotion made me fall in love with the game and made me want to grow up and be just like him.

9)What has been your biggest challenge in life?

 Like many people would say, 2020 has been my biggest challenge. I say that because it’s almost been a year since I’ve been able to play football and this halt in life has made me really find my love for the game. It would be easy to give up right now when things are tough and it seems like everything is going wrong, but I won’t be doing that any time soon. It is my dream and life goal to play professional football and I won’t stop trying for that until my body no longer allows me to do so.

10)What would a team get in a player like you?

 A team would get a professional and energetic player that is very versatile on the football field. I have experience playing TE, WR, RB, and wildcat QB. I also have played all 4 facets of special teams so I’m a player you can put anywhere and I will be able to make an impact for the team. They’re also going to get an athlete that just wants to play football. I don’t need any of that special, glamorous, or fancy stuff, I just want to play. I’ve come from a JUCO, walked on at 2 D1 schools, and have been underrated my entire life, so all that extra fancy stuff doesn’t attract me. I just want a team to take a chance on me so I can show that I belong in the NFL.

11) If you could hang out with any football player past or present for a day who and why?

Cam Newton. Besides the fact he was the QB for my favorite team, he’s someone who’s all about putting in the hard work to get what you want and letting the doubters know they’ve made a huge mistake. He’s worked hard for everything he’s gotten and people still find a way to hate on him, but he just smiles through it all. He’s someone I admire, as another JUCO product, because he’s a true role model in his community and is a great leader on the football field.

12) What do you hope to achieve as a football player going forward?

I hope to get the opportunity to show what I’m most capable of. Whether it’s NFL, CFL, XFL, or whatever, I know once that opportunity presents itself.  I’m going to do anything and everything I can do to make the most of it and prove that I belong in the professional football league playing with the best of the best.

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