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New York Giants accepted 5th year options

The New York Giants just accepted the 5th year options of two up and coming former first round picks. Tight End Evan Engram and Safety Jabrill Peppers will have an extra year to their rookie deal. This gives them more time to prove themselves for an extension.

Tight End Evan Engram

Evan Engram was the 23rd selection of the 2017 draft from Ole Miss. He does have a lot to prove. In every season he has went down statistically. His rookie campaign he caught 64 passes for 722 yards and 6 touchdowns. Then he started getting the injury plague due to a MCL. His numbers went all the way down to 44 catches 467 yards and 3 touchdowns last season.

Engram has proven he can be a huge weapon. All he has to do is be more reliable. He went from playing in 15 games during rookie season to 11 and 8 the following two seasons. He needs to get healthy because that 5th year option could prove to be fatal if he gets injured again and every bit of that 5th option would turn to guaranteed money.

Safety Jabrill Peppers

Jabrill Peppers was a 25th selection in the 2017 draft from Michigan. He came to the Giants via trade by the Cleveland Browns. He has been a disappointment in the eyes of many. The 2016 Big ten defensive player of the year and Heisman finalist did not adapt to the pro level as quick as the Browns hoped.

In Peppers three seasons he has only had three interceptions and 212 tackles. Also he had 13 pass deflections and 3 forced fumbles. He has shown some bright spots in the Giants defense. Just a bit surprised he got his 5th year option for a financial standpoint. At least if he does have a season where he balls out they wont have to waste a franchise tag on him.


Both Evan Engram and Jabrill Peppers will have an added year to their rookie deals. Best part about a 5th year option to your first rounders is the organization gets an extra year to agree on an extension. Plus the option is less than a franchise tag and it will not be fully guaranteed unless taken by injury before the season ends. Hopefully this was the right move by the G-men. Only time will tell.


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