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Most physical XFL drafted linebacker has NFL interest

Jerimiah Spicer was drafted in the XFL by the LA Wildcats.  I am learning he has some NFL interest, and we will explore a few teams that could use the hard hitting linebacker.

The Bills, Dolphins, Bengals, Lions, Patriots, Chiefs and Giants should all be interested in him. Spicer is very physical and all these teams need a physical linebacker. Here’s what Spicer told me what a team would get in him.

“My tenacity I’m relentless I play outside linebacker and middle linebacker. And I can play stand up or I can put my fingers in the dirt. I’m a very versatile player one of a kind with very great ball instincts. I am very physical I lead by example not just talking.  My energy is contagious it makes everybody else go harder. I am very consistent and persistent on and off the field.”

His XFL Linebacker coach Pepper Johnson, the former hard hitting NFL star said “Jerimiah is a Very intense player with high energy “.

When asked about his goal for his football career Spicer said ” It is be the best me and dominate at the highest level. Make an impact on the world.”
When I asked him to compare himself to a tool/machine Spicer said “My play is like a tonka truck. You know that I can go to anything and still not break man and you know I’m like diamonds under pressure I shine.  I’m like gold man now you put me through any fire I will turn to gold.”

Spicer said” his strengths are – Surviving adversity – Surviving all my battles in life I translate it on the football field that’s why I never quit-Football is like life it has it’s ups and downs but you have to stay focused no matter how hard stuff gets you got to keep pushing to win- Never giving up no matter what -My instincts and high motor “

Then I asked him what he wants people to think of him and Spicer said ” I want people to think of me as the guy who never gave up no matter how hard things got I will always give my all with no excuses. I want to be known for my hard work so I can motivate the coming generations to follow suit… I am the definition of adversity.  I beat adversity my whole life. Never had nothing handed to me in my life.  My whole life been hell so I want to motivate people to get through adversity.”

So with all that being said Jerimiah Spicer should be on a NFL team and he 100 percent deserves it and Draft Diamonds wants him to be there. And I myself Justin Berendzen XFL writer hope that Spicer signs with an NFL team. 


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