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Falcons bust out some new jerseys the day after their division foes show off their new garb

Falcons release their new jerseys for the upcoming season. They are pretty smooth, check it out!

The new official Falcons home look will feature black jerseys and black pants with the away look going white on white.

The uniform closet will now offer up to eight different color combinations, including the current throwback version paying homage to the 1966 team and a new “Rise Up” alternate uniform.

The collection includes four jerseys (black home, white away, gradient alternate and the ’66 throwbacks), four pants (black, white, red and throwbacks) and one helmet (satin black).

Matt Ryan is a fan saying: There’s just a feeling to it. I can’t explain it when you look in your locker and that color and head to toe in black is going to be good, too. I don’t know what it is, but I know there’s a feeling that comes with it for the guys, too, when we see that in our lockers.


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