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Eagles have football GODS watching over their team

While the Philadelphia Eagles have been good this year they have had quite a few major breaks, and this week they will get another one with Tony Romo being out.

In their first game of the year the Eagles played RG3 who had not taken a preseason snap, and was coming off a major knee surgery.

A little later they played the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with Mike Glennon in his second career start. They were also dealing with fallout from the Josh Freeman mess and a MRSA outbreak.

Then they faced the Green Bay Packers without Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers broke his collarbone six days before the Eagles played the Packers, and his backup, Seneca Wallace left with an injury in the first quarter.

The Eagles then faced the Detroit Lions where they were worried about how to cover Calvin Johnson. Well no need to fear, because it seems that God is a Eagles fan. That night there was eight inches of snow covered the Detroit receiver for them.

Minnesota’s Adrian Peterson injured his foot the week before the Eagles played the Vikings. His backup, Toby Gerhart, also missed that game.

And now Tony Romo will be out for the biggest game of the season, the virtual playoff game between the Eagles and Dallas, according to ESPN reports.


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