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Russell Okung has dropped another 50 pounds since leaving the NFL | Is this Water Diet healthy?

Russell Okung the former offensive lineman has taken one of the craziest body transformations I have ever seen. The massive former offensive lineman impressed me last year when he lost 102 pounds, but that was not enough.

Okung has since lost an additional 50-plus pounds and showed off his new look.

The two-time Pro Bowler posted side-by-side photos to Instagram showing just how much weight he dropped over a 40-day, water-only fasting stretch. The one on the right was Day 1 of the diet, and the second is 40 days later.

As for what Okung’s water diet consists of? Water is it, and it is specifically six bottles per day. I am not sure this is very healthy but has to be extremely difficult.


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