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Lamar Jackson wants out of Baltimore | The Star QB Demands a Trade

Why doesn't anyone want Lamar Jackson? Did the Ravens play their hand right or is it collusion?
Lamar Jackson wants out of Baltimore | The Star QB Demands a Trade

Lamar Jackson issued an official statement on Monday demanding that the Baltimore Ravens trade him.

“In regards to my future plans,” he wrote on social media while thanking Baltimore fans for their “love and support, “As of March 2nd I requested a trade from the Ravens organization for which the Ravens has not been interested in meeting my value.”

Lamar Jackson is 49-21 in his career. He has only lost 16 regular season games according to NFL Scores.

You can see the entire tweet here:

Lamar Jackson and the Ravens are at an impasse right now and their star quarterback now wants to be traded. What happens if Jackson refuses to sign the tender worth 32.4 million?

Jackson has until July 17 to sign the tender and be locked into playing for the Ravens next season.

According to Mike Florio,

“If he accepts it, he’s under contract for one year. Well, is he going to play for $32.4 million? I wouldn’t advise him to do that. I would advise him to say I want more than $32.4 million, and if I’m the Ravens, I would consider offering him a significant per-game roster bonus as an incentive to get him to play.

“If you offer him something ridiculous like $1 million a game, and he plays all 17 games, he pushes his pay for the year to $49.4 million. That may be the way to make him happy about his circumstance.”

If he decides not to play though he would sit out the season. Le’Veon Bell did this, and to be honest it may hurt his stock, but if he believes he is truly worth top money, he has to bet on himself.


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