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2021 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Chandler Zavala, OL, Fairmont State University

Chandler Zavala Fairmont State
Chandler Zavala has become one of the best offensive linemen in Division 2.

What is the best restaurant in your hometown city? 

  • Lincoln is one of my favorite restaurants, which is in Washington D.C.

When breaking down your film what will stick out? 

  • My footwork and technique are two things that stand out in my play. 

If you won the lotto, what is the first thing you would do with the money? 

  • The first thing I would do is give money to my family. If I had a little leftover, I would build my dream home. 

What has been your biggest failure?

  • My biggest regret is not starting football sooner. 

What do your teammates say is your best quality?

  • I am a very hard worker and take pride in my skill. 

Who is the hardest working teammate on your team?

  • I would say my hardest working teammate would be Glenwood Williams. He is very motivated and constantly makes me want to become a better player. 

Have you ever had a nickname? What is it?

  • My teammates sometimes call me by my last name. 
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What is your degree in, if you do not make it as a football player, what is your dream job? 

  • My major is Exercise Science. I intend to get my masters and potentially my doctorate in Healthcare Management. If I do not get to continue my career in football, my dream job would be to become a Hospital CEO. 

What is your coolest life moment? 

  • Watching my dad compete on the show Chopped which airs on the Food Network. 

What song would you sing at Karaoke night? 

  • I would sing Beat it by Michael Jackson. 

If you could pick any actor to play you in a movie, who are you picking? 

  • I would pick Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. 

Who is your favorite football team? 

  • My favorite football team is the Philadelphia Eagles because they have one of the best offensive lines in the NFL. 

If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

  • Use caution when hungry. 

What is your biggest fear? 

  • My biggest fear would be losing any of my loved ones. 

Who is the most underrated player in the NFL? 

  • Ryan Tannehill. 

Take us through game day, How do you prepare? 

  • I make sure to hydrate throughout the day and eat a good meal a few hours. Then I get taped and take time to ready myself and reflect on the goals I’ve made for the game. 

Do you have any hobbies? 

  • I really enjoy cooking and spending time with my family. 

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If you had to compare yourself to someone in the NFL, who would that be? 

  • I would compare myself to David DeCastro the right guard for the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

Who has been the biggest influence on your life and explain why?

  • My biggest influence is my dad because he has worked hard his entire life to get where he is today and to give my sister and I a good life. 

What motivates you to work hard?

  • My family and my future family with the hope of giving them the same life that I had and more.


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