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Three players who could get NFL Workouts on CFL Montreal Alouettes

Three players who could get NFL Workouts on CFL Montreal Alouettes
Three players who could get NFL Workouts on CFL Montreal Alouettes

Written by Karver Jordan 

The Montreal Alouettes are 2023 Grey Cup Champs, here are the three names who stood out in this year’s CFL Season. These players are very deserving of getting a chance at an NFL roster.

Wide Receiver Austin Mack

Austin Mack, a wide receiver from Ohio State decided it was time to play in the CFL, you could say the decision paid off. The 6-foot-2 205-pound wideout recorded 78 receptions for 1,154 yards and four touchdowns.  The 26-year-old made many big-time plays in the Grey Cup that helped Montreal win the game. There are a few NFL teams who could definitely use Austin Mack. 

Defensive back Reggie Stubblefield 

The 25-year-old DB had himself quite the season and was great for Montreal this year. Stubblefield recorded 38 tackles, two interceptions, and three sacks. NFL teams could truly use Reggie Stubblefield in many different ways and could be a solid special team player at the NFL level. 

Kick/Punt Returner James Letcher Jr 

The 5-foot-8 175-pound Kick/Punt Returner showed incredible speed and vision all throughout the season for Montreal. Letcher recorded 24 punt returns and recorded 407 yards with one touchdown. The 24-year-old would return a missed field goal for a 125-yard touchdown as well, this kid can FLY! 

Karver’s Final Thoughts: 

I think the Montreal Alouettes deserved this Grey Cup, they were incredible all season in the CFL.  NFL teams should definitely consider reaching out and picking on one of these guys. 

More about the writer: 

My name is Karver Jordan, I’m a high schooler who is writing in New England. I enjoy sharing my sports knowledge with everyone. My goal is to help get the fans to get a better understanding of Teams, Players, and more. If you enjoyed this piece of writing check me out on Instagram and Twitter! Thank you all so much for your recent support




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