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Prime Time is alive | Colorado Football is Bigger Than Ever

Prime Time is alive | Colorado Football is Bigger Than Ever
Prime Time is alive | Colorado Football is Bigger Than Ever

Colorado came alive Saturday night. The atmosphere was historic for the university with college gameday in the air, in-state rivalries as well as every top athlete and celebrity coming to attend this game. The stage was set for some nitty-gritty football.

Colorado and Colorado State started off hot as both of them had big-time turnovers. Colorado State’s Henry Blackburn picked off Shedeur but Shiloh Sanders answered right back for Colorado with an 80-yard pick-six.

But for the second and third quarters, it was all Colorado State holding Colorado to just 14 points while they advanced to 21. Brayden Fowler-Nicolosi showcased his skills looking comfortable within the pocket and finding his main target Tory Horton. The Rams capitalized off of the Buffaloes defense due to them protecting against the big play. The Rams continued to run the same play several times with a mesh cross route threw the middle. 

But it wouldn’t be “prime time”, without the coach prime getting his team ready for a battle. With 90 seconds to play, Shedeur Sanders marched his offense 98 yards for a huge touchdown. Shedeur was able to find Jimmy Horn Jr. for a 45-yard touchdown and converted the two-point conversion to his playmaking tight end Michael Harrison to tie the game. 

This nerve-racking night game went to overtime. Sheduer and the Buffaloes struck blood first as he found his tight end Michael Harrison again to put them on top. But Coach Norvell didn’t falter away. Brayden Fowler-Nicolosi hit Tory Horton for another cross route leading to an eight-yard touchdown. 

Back in another overtime, with all the adversity Colorado went through during this game, Shedeur found Michael Harrion again for an 18-yard touchdown to put them back on top. Harrison gave the crowd the look, “I don’t even know how I’m doing it”. And they completed the two-point conversion to a wide-open Xavier Weaver. 

The icing on the cake to finish the night, Trevor Woods stepped up to intercept Brayden Fowler to close the curtains on this wild night. 

Coach Prime calls this game a blessing with all of the adversity this team went through he is proud of how they were resilient throughout the whole game. Colorado Buffaloes took the win in double overtime 43-35. 

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