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2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Devaughn Vele, WR, Utah

Devaughn Vele the star wide receiver from Utah is a playmaker that is a player to keep an eye on in the 2024 NFL Draft.
Devaughn Vele the star wide receiver from Utah is a playmaker that is a player to keep an eye on in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Player Data

Name, Jersey #Devaughn Vele #17
School (Code)UTUN
Class Yr5th year Junior
Height, Weight6050e, 210e
Honors/Captainship2022 All Pac 12 Honorable Mention
Season Viewed (yr)2023, 2022
Games Watched‘23 FLUN, ‘22 CASC, ‘22 ORUN, ‘22 CALA
Scout Name / DateScoop Reed, 9/5/2023

Per Year Stats: 33 Games (Most Recent First)

2022GP: 14 rec: 55 yds: 695 ypc: 12.6 td: 5
2021GP: 14 rec: 23 yds: 389 ypc: 16.9 td: 1
2020GP: 5   rec: 2 yds: 12 ypc: 6 td: 0

Player Summary:

DeVaughn Vele is a 5th year junior wide receiver who was a walk-on in 2019. He possesses elite size and good experience, having played 33 games during his time at Utah. Vele is a rare athlete who exhibits rare playing speed, explosion, and toughness. Whether the play is a run or pass, Vele is playing fast, often running a downfield route when there is a pass play called. Vele plays most of his snaps on the perimeter. He has not shown versatility as a slot receiver. This makes his production poor because the Utah offense features a passing game that targets the middle of the field, specifically the tight end position. Perimeter receivers are used to open the middle of the field and/or be a 2nd and 3rd read in the quarterback’s progression. At 6050 210 lbs, Vele has a rare catch radius and exhibits average quickness and COD. His releases at the LOS versus all defensive back techniques is rare. He has rare acceleration and route running that allows him to separate from the defender. Vele sees the football field well and is able to put himself in the vision of the quarterback in open windows in the defense and fit correctly on defenders in the running game. Vele’s greatest quality is his blocking. He is an elite and willing blocker. His size gives him an advantage versus corners, safeties and some linebackers. You will often see Vele sprinting 15-20 yards downfield to block a defender.  

Scheme Fit:

Any system that asks their receivers to be a vital part of the running game

Power Statement:

Devaughn Vele is an average prospect with rare size. He has all the traits to be able to compete in the NFL, the number one trait being his effort. He will need to prove that he can be versatile and “positionless” as a receiver.


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