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2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Wesley Steiner, LB, Auburn

Auburn LB Wesley Steiner is an athletic freak with elite upper body strength. Hula Bowl scout Matthew Swanson breaks down Steiner as an NFL Prospect in his report.
Auburn LB Wesley Steiner is an athletic freak with elite upper-body strength. Hula Bowl scout Matthew Swanson breaks down Steiner as an NFL Prospect in his report.

Player Data

Name, Jersey #Wesley Steiner, #32
School (Code)Auburn (ALAU)
DOB, Class Yr02-21-2002 / 4th Yr. Sr.
Height, Weight5116, 239 lbs.
40 Yd Dash4.62
Position/DepthMLB / #1
Honors/Captainship2023 Bruce Feldman’s Freaks List, SEC Academic Honor Roll (2020-2022)
Season Viewed (yr)2022
Games Watched@GAUN, @MSUN, LAST
Scout Name / DateMatthew Swanson, 08/22/2023

Per Year Stats (Most Recent First)

202212 GP, 46 TKLS (31 SOLO/15 ASST)
202113 GP, 21 TKLS (10 SOLO/11 ASST), 1.5 TFL
20209 GP, 3 TKLS (2 SOLO/1 ASST)

Player Summary:

The 4th Yr. Sr. aligns at MLB in ALAU’s 4-2-5 defense and stands up as a 7T EDGE in sub packages. Projects as an MLB at the next level. Appeared on Bruce Feldman’s Freaks List in 2023 for his ability to power clean 405 lbs. Possesses quality AA, consisting of good short-range closing burst, nice start/stop vertical twitch, average lateral agility, ordinary game speed, and marginal flexibility. The frame is short, stiff, and squatty with good weight and below-average height. He’s built like he sleeps in the weight room and eats iron plates for breakfast, with proportionate upper and lower extremities that sustain well above-average, dense muscular structure, especially for his frame. Against the run he is ordinary. Shows a decent aggressive demeanor when coming downhill, sticking his nose in the action. Takes on blocks ordinarily, getting in front of good-sized OL to decently impede progression on their tracks. The ability to shed good-sized OGs is marginal due to average disengagement urgency, subpar flexibility, and UOH at POA. Average tackler. Brings a good aggressive demeanor and anger when taking on RBs or TEs downfield. Shows sufficient ability to close with quality burst straight ahead between the hashes on RBs and TEs that have average speed and wiggle. Due to marginal flexibility and below-average height pad height is ordinary. Wrap technique is marginal due to subpar arm length and flexibility, bellies up RBs, and half wraps to wrestle them down. Against the pass he is solid. In zone coverage gains good depth with short area bursts and is sufficient when keeping everything in front of him. Awareness of surroundings and assignments that enter zone is sufficient. With marginal length, good vertical twitch and short area burst, shows solid ability to break on average speed and twitch TEs and RBs to limit YAC. In man coverage short area burst and vertical twitch also permit solid ability to mirror and break on short to intermediate routes from TEs or RBs out of the backfield. Marginal length impedes the ability to make good plays on the ball. The ability to locate gaps and RBs with vision and intent is marginal. Awareness and ability to keep eyes disciplined is subpar, gets caught up in backfield misdirection. Marginally tight hips and flexibility impede ability to bend, weave, and wiggle through wash. Needs more exposure and reps against the run to improve UOH and vision. Has the ability to be a much better playmaker if he improves his discipline and does not over-pursue.

Scheme Fit:

MLB in a 3-4.

Power Statement:

MLB is undersized in terms of height but is built like a brick shithouse with above-average muscular density. He is a quality athlete who displays good short-area quickness, quality vertical twitch and is solid against the pass and average against the run. With 2023 being his first year of significant playing time, he needs more work to improve marginal disciplinary vision against the run and sub-par UOH at POA against average-sized OL. Physical tools are there. Would also be a key asset on special teams.

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