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Five Biggest Losers of Free Agency | Who made the worst mistakes on Day 1?

Five Biggest Losers of Free Agency | Who made the worst mistakes on Day 1?
Five Biggest Losers of Free Agency | Who made the worst mistakes on Day 1?

Free Agency kicked off yesterday and let’s face it there were some teams that did way better than others. Obviously, this is an opinionated article and I could be dead wrong by the end of this year if the players do end up making a huge impact, but let’s talk about the biggest losers from Day 1 of Free Agency.

NEW YORK JETS – Are you kidding me? You made no moves on the first day of Free Agency because you are handcuffed to a really old and amazing quarterback who is toying with you. Aaron Rodgers will eventually be a New York Jet, but he is only hurting himself. The Jets need an offensive line to protect him, and right now all the big-time offensive lineman prospects are getting signed left and right and to big money. Jets may end up having to pass on Rodgers if he waits too long.

LAS VEGAS RAIDERS – You gave up Derek Carr for Jimmy Garoppolo? I am not sure this even makes sense. I get Jimmy is a proven winner, but a three year deal worth 67.5 million dollars with 34 million in guaranteed. I am not sure I like this, and while other teams are signing big time safety prospects you go out and sign Marcus Epps and Brandon Facyson. Raiders you have a lot of money, stop being cheap. You could have had Jordan Poyer.

LOS ANGELES CHARGERS – How can you piss off the best running back in the NFL? Austin Ekeler demands a trade out of LA because his contract is extremely low and the Chargers do not want to keep him happy? He is a safety valve for Justin Herbert, you better find a way to make that man happy. If you don’t you lose half your offense.

GREEN BAY PACKERS – The Packers are sitting and waiting on Aaron Rodgers. They are in the same boat as Aaron Rodgers. He promised them both he would not hold anyone hostage and that is exactly what he is doing. You are on this list for giving him that ridiculous contract last year and only signing a kick returner on the first day of free agency. At this point it feels like a Casino game, you never know what will happen but if you use 888 Casino Review at least you can get your money quickly! You will probably get paid before Aaron Rodgers!

BALTIMORE RAVENS – The Ravens will remain on this list until they sign Lamar Jackson. On the first day of Free Agency, they got worse. They let go veteran pass rusher Calais Campbell and added no one to help them on offense or defense. You cannot win by not addressing team needs. This is why Lamar Jackson wants a ton of money, because you do not give him any help.


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