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2023 NFL Draft Diamonds Scouting Report: Jalen Cropper, WR, Fresno State

Jalen Cropper, WR, Fresno State
Jalen Cropper is one of the best wide receivers in the country. The Fresno State standout has NFL potential

Fresno State has had some quality WR over the years. Players like Henry Ellard, Davante Adams, Bernard Berrian, and Stephen Baker the touchdown maker are some names that come to mind. The Bulldogs won 10 games last year, defeated 2 ranked teams, and won a bowl game. Slot WR Jalen Cropper played a big role in their success.

Player Data

  • Name, Jersey #: Jalen Cropper, #5
  • School (Code): CAFR
  • Class Yr: SR
  • Height, Weight: 5106e, 172e
  • 40 Yd Dash: 4.46e
  • Position/Depth: WR/1st
  • Honors/Captainship: All MWC 2nd Team (2021), Honorable Mention (2020)
  • Season Viewed (yr): 2021
  • Games Watched: CTUN, @ORUN, @CALA, IDBO
  • Scout Name: Mike Bey

Per Year Stats

  • 2021 13 GP, 10 GS, 85 Rec, 899 Yds, 11 Rec TD, 19 carries, 76 yds, 2 Rush TD, 1/2, 51 yds, TD
  • 2020 6 GP, 5 GS, 37 Rec, 520 Yds, 5 TD, 4 Carries 27 Yds
  • 2019 10 GP, 5 GS, 15 Rec 196 Yds, 20 Carries, 343 Yds 3 Rush TD, 1/1, 36 Yds TD

Player Summary

SR and 2 yr full-time starter at WR where he plays in the slot in the West Coast Offense of CAFR. He possesses marginal height, poor weight, above average speed, and a slender build with good arm definition. He is a solid athlete showing good quickness and agility with solid COD, acceleration, explosiveness, and adequate balance with solid top-end play speed. He is a good route runner who takes short choppy steps to eat up the cushion of the Nickel DB in off coverage. He shows above-average hip fluidity while breaking off his stem at a 45-degree angle on slants and posts and a 90-degree angle on out and dig routes as he separates from DB with adequate AA in man coverage. Displays good football intelligence as he finds the soft spots in zone coverage. Does a good job of tracking the ball in the air and displays very good hands with quality manual dexterity that enables him to make the catch with his hands extended away from the body. He shows the ability to adjust his body in midair to put himself in a better position to make the catch. He is solid in contested catch situations using his body to shield off the FS with ordinary size as he makes the catch. He is a willing blocker who shows good hand timing as he attempts to block larger DB’s. Shows very good mental toughness as he elevates his game on the final drive when a touchdown is needed to win the game as well as in the red zone. While running the ball, he shows good quickness and agility as he gets to the outside and turns the corner on jet sweeps. Struggles to break tackles by DB and LB with solid play strength and form tackling ability due to his adequate contact balance and marginal overall size. Lack of elite play speed prevents him from taking the top off the defense and gaining significant YAC and rush yardage consistently. Marginal play strength with adequate hand placement prevents him from maintaining his block against DB with good size, physical toughness, and play strength.

Scheme Fit

Slot WR in pass-heavy offense due to his good quickness with quality hands, and lack of size and play strength to play on the outside.

Power Statement

A reliable, mentally tough player who excels when in the red zone and at the end of games when the outcome is in doubt. His quality hands enable him to make some impressive catches and he shows heart while blocking in the run game.

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