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2024 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Andre (Dre) Tucker, WR, Monmouth

Andre (Dre) Tucker the versatile wide receiver from Monmouth recently sat down with Nick DiMeglio of Draft Diamonds.
  • Name: Andre (Dre) Tucker 
  • School: Monmouth University
  • Position: WR
  • Height: 6’1
  • Weight: 195
  • Instagram_andretucker
  • Twitter@_atucker12

1)    Where are you from and walk us through your journey?
I’m from Cinnaminson, a small town in South Jersey. I attended Cinnaminson public schools my whole life until my sophomore year of high school, where I played under Nick Strom. I played quarterback my entire life and decided to switch to wide receiver my junior year because the position was wide open, and I was an athlete who could always catch the ball. I was a bit of a late bloomer and wasn’t heavily recruited to play football. I had one Division 2 offer and wasn’t really a fan of the school, so I decided to bet on myself and walk on to the football team. At first, I was attending Monmouth as a regular student planning to do the open tryout, but my 7-on-7 coach, Marcus Hammond, reached out to the coaches at Monmouth and ended up getting me a spot in camp, and the rest is history.

2) Who is a guy in the league currently that you model your game after or look up to?
Keenan Allen isn’t the fastest guy, but he’s quick and efficient in his routes. He’s definitely one of the top route runners in the league and someone I look up to.

3) What was your time like at Monmouth?
My time at Monmouth taught me a lot; it was definitely an uphill battle, but I have no regrets. I walked on and saw very little playing time from freshman through junior year, but I stayed patient, trusted God’s timing, and just kept working hard. I ended up earning a scholarship and the starting role in my last season at Monmouth, which was a big accomplishment for me.
5) Tell us about the Monmouth offense and how you were utilized while there throughout your career?
We had a lot of weapons on offense every year I was at Monmouth. I wasn’t the number one target, but I made the most of every opportunity I was given and could play both slot and outside as needed.

6) When you are studying film, what are the things you focus on to improve your game?
Little things like team tendencies and player tendencies—for example, what they like to do on first through third down—just give me an idea of what I might see when I go out there, giving me an edge.
7) What value do you add to an organization from special teams perspective?
Throughout my career at Monmouth, I’ve been on special teams every year and took on a lot of responsibility in special teams my senior year. I love football, and any way I can get on the field, I’m going to do it and do it well.

8) What are your best traits or attributes that come across on film?
Definitely my hands and route running; I pride myself on catching the ball and being a reliable target.

9) What weakness(es) do you have as a player and how are you addressing/improving on it?
One thing I have definitely been working on is being more of a vocal leader. I’ve always been a leader by example, but this past season I worked on finding my voice, starting within the wide receiver room.

10) Best memories or moments at Monmouth?
My favorite memory from Monmouth was definitely my first catch. I waited five years for it, came out, had a one-on-one matchup to the boundary, and Tony sent me on a fade and I made the play.

11) Tell us something fun or interesting- maybe a hobby or something about you that most people don’t know
I like to play the piano. I never had formal lessons or anything; I taught myself through YouTube.

12) I know you had your pro day recently – how did that go for you and how was that experience?
Probably one of the most electric environments I’ve ever been in—it was crazy. I love those high-intensity environments. I had a lot of fun and think I tested pretty well.
13) Tell us about your pre draft training- where did you train, how was it, etc
I trained at Adrenaline Sports Performance in Cherry Hill, NJ. It was good; I enjoyed the process and trusted my trainer. He definitely more than prepared me for the moment.

14) How do you handle challenges both in life and on the football field?
I pray about everything and try not to worry or stress over things that are out of my control.

15) What is your favorite route, and why?
A simple fade—just one-on-one, go make a play.

16) Give one last pitch to all the scouts and evaluators who might be watching the video
 Bet on me


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