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Many NFL players are choosing Crypto Over Cash | There is a new trend in the NFL

Imagine if you could place bets on your favorite football team using Bitcoin? You can now!
Imagine if you could place bets on your favorite football team using Bitcoin? You can now with BC Game Sportsbook!

NFL players make a lot of money, we all know that as fans, but did you know that several NFL players are now turning to crypto to help bolster their bottom line and ensure they have enough wealth after their pro careers come to an end?

Bitcoin is the largest Crypto currency in the world, and it continues to grow. Over the past two years, several players have decided to take a portion of their salary in Bitcoin. Some of the players have converted their entire earnings over to Bitcoin. This may sound crazy, but there are some saying Bitcoin could hit new highs this year and eventually become the only currency needed.

With the growing concern of having the government involved, Bitcoin limits the government’s hands which make it so valuable.

Some of the players who have taken Bitcoin as their salary are Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Jones, Tom Brady, Saquon Barkley, Russell Okung, Odell Beckham Jr. , Trevor Lawrence, and the most aggressive is Chiefs tight end Sean Culkin. Culkin became the first player to convert his entire salary over to Bitcoin.

So what can you do with Bitcoin? I mean you can do everything you do with cash, but Bitcoin has the chance to double in price overnight meaning you could double your money. There are so many amazing ways to spend your bitcoin. One way I have found to be great is BC Game, who is now launching a Bitcoin Sportsbook! Imagine a Crypto Sportsbook where you can bet on your favorite teams using Bitcoin? BC Game is already a huge site! They have over 10,000 sports events and games you can bet on, with no max withdrawals, and there are over 60 crypto deposit and withdrawal methods.

I mean right now, tons of stores are accepting Bitcoin, these players getting their money in Bitcoin are going to save their money because they believe it can double or even triple, which could set them up for great growth.

I was reading on, In December, $6.5 million of Okung’s salary was converted to Bitcoin, which computes to about 240 BTC. At that point it was valued at $58,914.70 each which was a stunning 118-percent increase—Okung’s 240 BTC was at that point worth an estimated $14.1 million. That is a great increase in pay. Players with a ton of money would be crazy not to do this, but what about us average people?

Well, it is simple. We now can bet on our favorite sports events using our Bitcoin to win even more! You have to love the concept of BC Game, because at the end of the day, everyone wins! The same way the players win by getting their salaries in Bitcoin!

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