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NFL Draft Prospect Scouting Report: Tykee Smith, DB, Georgia

Georgia defensive back Tykee Smith is a playmaker that NFL Draft Diamonds scout Ryder McConville feels can be a solid player at the next level.

Name: Tykee Smith

Position: DB/S/NB

School: Georgia(Transfer from West Virginia)

Class: Junior

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 198


Tykee Smith displays good athletic ability with very good hip fluidity, COD, and good foot quickness. In addition, he shows very good mental processing to key and diagnose route concepts. He anticipates routes well and shows a good understanding of leverage. Moreover, Smith is very instinctual in coverage playing match/man and underneath zone coverage in the slot. He is at his best matching the number 2 playing as the nickel back. Furthermore, Smith shows excellent technique in coverage staying squared, balanced and under control in his pedal. Smith keys and diagnoses screen concepts very quickly. Shows good eye discipline in man and zone coverage. Displays excellent transitional ability with outstanding hip fluidity with great feet to mirror and match.

Smith showcases very good communication and leadership on the back end. He shows a good understanding of run concepts and shows superb discipline to be in the right spot consistently. Moreover, displays good open field tackling with good technique to break down and wrap up. In addition, he is a versatile defender on the back end playing in the slot, SS, and as a post safety. He brings good special teams value to a team. Very good competitive, physical, and mental toughness. He also displays good ball especially when working downhill.


Firstly, Smith is slightly undersized playing DB which can lead to him struggling versus bigger body WR’s and TE’s. Secondly, he lacks the range to play as the single high safety. Thirdly, He shows adequate play strength at the point of contact. Furthermore, he is not an overly explosive athlete and lacks long speed. Lastly he struggles to stack and shed blocks once the blockers engage him.


Tykee Smith projects to be a good DB at the next level that has a versatile skill set. Moreover, he has high football intelligence and is a very smooth athlete to mirror and match receivers. In addition, Smith is outstanding in zone coverage playing as a hook/curl/flat defender. However, he is a bit undersized, lacks play strength, and long speed is average.


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