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Summer NFL Draft Rankings: Putting a grade on 153 FBS prospects in the 2022 NFL Draft

Summer Draft Rankings Top 153 players
2022 NFL Draft Summer Rankings were designed by our west coast scout Antoine Tshiyombo who put his own grades on players he has completed film review on

By: Antoine Tshiyombo @draftday101

All summer long I spent tireless hours studying prospects looking to give guys a starting point. It’s not where I will have them at the end of the year but more of what I for see them as for right now some guys got more projections because 2020 was a outlier years and so many mix situations from shortened season to opt out and guys being granted extra year of eligibility. But if your not familiar with my grading scale it goes like this.

Elite Grade/Hall of fame talent 200-190

1st  Round Grade/Pro Bowl Talent 189-175

2nd Round Grade/ Above Average Starter 174-150

3rd Round Grade/ Solid Starter 149-125

4th Round Grade/ future Starter Front line back up 124-100( I decided that the threshold I am will to stop by)

1. Derek Stingley Jr Cornerback Louisiana State 191: (JR) Three Generation of Defensive back Mutated in to this one phenomenal young Cornerback who step in day one . Stingley is refined in press man coverage has a great understanding of leverage route combination and spacing. Stingley has great ball skills with his 6 career interceptions and 20 pass break ups in 22 starts. Has allowed 58.1 NFL Passer rating when targeted on 40%. He did however struggle staying healthy last year both getting sick and a leg injury in 2020.

2. DeMarvin Leal Interior Defensive Lineman Texas A&M 188: Played Edge Most of the year. But was just as disruptive as Line up at edge 375 times at 6”4 290 and carried it well. Showed Speed bend and ability to shed. Had the twerk every time I watched him I started liking him more and more. 32 pressures last year a interception and 3 sacks.

3. Kayvon Thibodeaux Edge Oregon188: Guys Don’t come as long wiry and explosiveness. His first step leaves Tackles chasing. He hasn’t even put it all together but has the numbers of a first rounder 13 career sacks 46 hurries in his first 23 games. Developing a great timing and knocking down passes. Does how ever blindly throws himself into blockers.

4. Tyler Linderbaum Center Iowa 188: This guys is as elite as it gets in run blocking especially in zone stretches. He is under 300 pounds yet he can control guys who out weight him by 40 pounds with leverage and power. I have seen him put guys on their butts and he isn’t satisfied until. His Pass Protection is harder to read coming out of Iowa because there’s not as much traditional vertical sets. But didn’t give up pressure. Has only surrendered 1 sack so far in his college Career. Superb athletic ability from an interior lineman.

5. Thayer Munford Offensive Tackle  Ohio State187: Had his breakout season last year and could of came out for the 2021 NFL Draft. He had not Allowed a Single sack in 2020 and with no Penalties either. Munford was a road grade in the run game. I would love him for any team that uses a lot of Outside zone Runs. He went to good solid to elite blocker he does have already 2,400 snaps.

6. Spencer Rattler Quarterback Oklahoma 187 : Big time Arm. One of the most polarizing players on college football. Some people love him some people think he is a arrogant prick. But you can count on one thing Spencer Rattler Won’t Fold because of the pressure. Rattler displayed high level arm talent that can rival anyone in the country. He improved all through out the season and by the end of the season was playing like one of the best if not they best QB in the country. Spencer can fit ball in the tightest windows. Uses his eyes to Manipulate defenses at a high level. How ever Spencer gifts is his curse because he gets over confident that will end in

7. Kaiir Elam Cornerback Florida186: Turn zero to a hundred on a break he is one of the best I have seen probably since the great  Asante Samuel. He was outstanding in 2020 9 pass break ups and 65.8 passer rating when thrown at. His 5 career interceptions shows his ball skills. He has such fluid hips and can play off ball coverage with most young CB Seem to struggle with. His isn’t bad in Bump and run but could need some work with some of the techniques as far as footwork and hands. Better in Zone than his predecessor in the defense.

8. Kyle Hamilton Safety Notre Dame 185:A true high Safety with size and range. Ball skills are through the roof. Brings the wood in the run game coming down hill. 5 ints in his two year career so far 1 in 2020 wouldn’t feel comfortable playing him at the slot. Has been super consistent from the moment he stepped on the field.

9. Chris Olave Wide Receiver Ohio State 180: A big play artist 8 catches of 20 plus yards in just 7 games. Olave was a player many expected to be available for the 2021 NFL draft but opted to comeback to school. Olave has outstanding hands, good stop and start ability and fits the mold of an NFL Number one Wide Receiver

10. Owen Pappoe Linebacker Auburn 180: This is a guy I found out about late into my summer evaluations. Owen is a 2 year starter in the SEC who excelled in pass coverage at 6”1 222 pounds Owen has Saftey like movement at will linebacker where he projects at the next level. He needs to clean up his tackling if he is going to be a top half of the first round pick.

11. Andrew Booth Jr Cornerback Clemson 179: A part time starter that showed raw physical tools to keep up with his predecessors at the cornerback position at Clemson. Has the ideal size for an outside CB but his poor technique has to improve. But with only 219 career coverage snaps it’s not a far stretch to say that he could and would. He allowed a outstanding 59.6 passer Rating(NFL)  when target. He is more projection on this list then Proven product.

12. Daxton Hill Safety Michigan 178: Draxton Hill reportedly ran a 4.30 in high school and it shows up on tape. Has the closing speed and range to man the free Saftey but has just as much experience playing as the 8th man in the box.

13. Evan Neal Offensive Tackle Alabama 178. Started at Left guard on a loaded Alabama offensive line as a true freshman and got better than made the move to right tackle in 2020 and had a bit more of an up and down year than most would of thought considering he is an absolute animal physically. Listed at 6”7 350 pounds and can jump out of the gym clocking in at 18 miles an hour in movement he topped Bruce Feldmans freaks list this year. Hasn’t learned to transfer weight on his anchor and his hand placement still needs work but has all the skills in Pedigree to be a corner stone starter in the NFL. Will be moving to Left tackle where his last two predecessors Where selected in the first round of the NFL draft

14. Nicholas Petit-Frere Offensive Tackle Ohio State 178: The other tackle at The Ohio state. Played right tackle last year displayed good ability to keep his QB Clean not allowing any sacks and only 3 hits as a first time starter in a 7 game season. Really provided a bump in the running game and good low level of gravity. I could see Nicholas being not talked about during the season because he isn’t on preseason lists but will start getting all the praise at the end. Assuming he makes the Jump and keeps it up.

15. Myjai Sanders Edge Cincinnati:178: Absolutely blessed with a first step Quickness that far and few players at his size have. He showed out on some of the bigger games last year but would sometimes disappear in games that where not big on the schedule. His ability to bend the corner is something that can make him an elite pass rusher. Expect sub 4.6 Speed from this guy with plus 44 inch vertical. With arms like a Siamang this guys has a lethal  one hand stab. One of the most fun I had watching tape this summer.

16. Kingsley Enagbare Edge South Carolina 177: Enagbare has got better production every year of his career I watch small clips of him from freshman year to sophomore year to Junior year the film has made match. Has power hands and has a trump card and that is his bull rush. Once he gets his hands on your chest as a blocker he can do what he wants to you. Converts power to speed.

17. Boye Mafe Edge Minnesota 177: With a 40 inch vertical 4.3 short shuttle and sub 4.6 40 Mafe backs up his Freak numbers with production. His 6 sacks in 6 games 15 total pressure displayed what your looking for. All do Mafe is a freak he isn’t winning with bend and is a bit stiff. But still transfers his speed to power and has a good shoulder dip.

18. Cain Madden Offensive Guard Notre Dame 175: Was a monster at guard for Marshall was the best run blocker I watched for this draft cycle so far. He was a walk on that worked his way to one of the best collegian football players. He is now taking his talents to south bend Indiana for his final season. Cain is a older prospect at 25 so there a chance he gets over looked so all do I have a high grade on him the NFL might not see things because they value age more than I do.

19. George Pickens Wide Receiver Georgia 175: Tore his ACL in spring and will miss most if not all of this season but I have no doubt if he was 100 he would be my summer #1 WR. Pickens breaks on a stop and start rival some of the most elite WRs in the NFL. Has ball tracking skills and was 64.3 on contested catches almost all his drop where just flat out drops so that is a concern. He has ideal X wide receiver size at 6”3  and I still believe his best football is ahead of him pending his recovery.

20. Sam Howell Quarterback North Carolina 174: One of the Most Efficient Deep ball Passers in the country last year. Howell has been the man in Chapel Hill From the day he walked on. Not the biggest are freakish Arm. Howell has displayed accuracy touch and mobility. He has most of the hard stuff down but the easy things like checking down the ball the right time throwing the ball way he has struggled with but should improve. Doesn’t have a trump card.

21. Brandon Joseph Safety Northwestern: Super productive Safety that lacks a elite physical tools but makes up with it with outstanding ball skills and is extremely instinctual. Is a 3rd year sophomore so he might not come out until 2024 end the season with 6 interceptions in 9 games Fits more as a two high Safety or single high not ideal box player.

22. Darian Kinnard Offensive Tackle  Kentucky 174: A two year starter at Right Tackle for the wildcats and is a muller. He can get at the second level with ease. Some have suggested playing him at guard but I would let him fail at Tackle before moving him to Guard. Kinnard isn’t sometimes over steps and needs a lot of work in pass Protection especially vs the speed rush. All do he does anchor pretty well vertical pass sets needs heavy work if he is to stay at tackle because right now the plan is to get to his right shoulder and go when facing him.

23. Drake London Wide Receiver Southern California 174: Was a big slot WR for Southern Cal the last two years and when plays had to be made in the clutch USC would run there offense through London. Despite facing Linebackers and Saftey often in contested catches London had 0 drops on 43 targets on 33 Catches. London moves to the outside this year and will show those Basketball skills where he was on the College team as well before retiring this season. He was a star in the hardwood average 26 points a game in high school and his 11 rebounds a game translates well on the football field as he is able to pull down balls. Doesn’t have great start sop ability and is stiff but has enough speed to be a true deep threat.

24. Breece Hall Running Back Iowa State 173

25. Emory Jones Quarterback Florida 173

26. John Matchie III Wide Receiver Alabama 173

27. Trent McDuffie Cornerback Washington 172

28. Malik Willis Quarterback Liberty 172

29. Josh Jobe Cornerback Alabama: 171

30. Ochaun Mathis Edge Texas Christian: 171

31. Isaiah Likely Tight End Costal Carolina 170

32. Jaxson Kirkland Offensive Tackle Washington 169

33. Jermayne Lole Defensive Lineman Arizona State 169

34. Jalen Wydermyer Tight End Texas A&M 169

35. Haskell Garrett Interior Defensive Lineman Ohio State 168

36. Jordan Battle Safety  Alabama 167

37. Aidan Hutchinson Edge Michigan 166

38. Johnathan Tyler(J.T) Daniels Quarterback Georgia 166

39. Carson Strong Quarterback Nevada 165

40. Jeffery Gunter Edge Costal Carolina 164

41. Ventrell Miller Linebacker Florida 164

42. Isaiah Tomas Edge Oklahoma 163

43. Christian Harris Linebacker Alabama 161

44. Martin Emerson Jr Cornerback Mississippi State 160

45. Drake Jackson Edge Southern California 158

46. Kyler Gordon Cornerback Washington 157

47. Garrett Wilson Wide Receiver Ohio State 157

48. Jahleel  Billingsley Tight End Alabama 156

49. Cade Otton  Tight End Washington 155

50. Verone  McKinley III Saftey Oregon 154

51. Sean Rhyan Offensive Tackle California Los Angeles 154

52. Reggie Robinson Jr Wide Receiver Southern Methodist:153

53. Zion Tupuola-Fetui  Edge Washington:153

54. Christopher Allen Edge Alabama 152

55. Isaiah Spiller Running Back Texas A&M 152

56. David Bell Wide Receiver Purdue 151

57. Nakobe  Dean Linebacker Georgia 151

58. Zach Harrison Edge Ohio State 151

59. Tre’Vuis Hodges-Tomlinson Cornerback Texas Christian:151

60. Roger McCray Cornerback Auburn 151

61. Treylon Burks Wide Receiver Arkansas 150

62. Brenton Cox Jr Edge Florida 150

63. Kenyon Green Offensive Guard Texas A&M: 150

64. Isaac Rex Tight End Brigham Young:150

65. Mike Rose Linebacker Iowa State 150

66. Kevin Harris Running Back South Carolina 149

67. Mike Jones Jr Linebacker Louisiana State 149

68. Cordell Volson Offensive Tackle North Dakota State:149

69. Sevyn Banks Cornerback Ohio State 148

70. Charlie Koler Tight end Iowa State: 148

71. Devin Lloyd Linebacker Utah: 148

72. Demani Richardson  Saftey Texas A&M 148

73. Jaquarii Roberson Wide Receiver Wake Forest 148

74. Justyn Ross Wide Receiver Clemson: 148

75. Tre Turner Wide Receiver Virginia Technical 148

76. Adam Anderson Edge Georgia 147

77. Tyler Allgeier Running Back Brigham Young:147

78. Tiawan Mullen Cornerback Indiana 147

79. Zion Nelson Offensive Tackle Miami FL 147

80. Dion Novil Interior Defensive lineman North Texas: 147

81. Josh Whyle Tight End Cincinnati 147

82. Jeremy Ruckert Tight End Ohio State 146

83. Tyreek Smith Safety Georgia 146

84. Micah McFadden Linebacker Indiana 145

85. Trevor Penning Offensive Tackle Northern Iowa:145

86. Ahmad Gardner Cornerback Cincinnati 142

87. Max Borghi Running Back Washington State 141

88. Jahan Dotson Wide Receiver Pennsylvania State:141

89. Ty Fryfogle Wide Receiver Indiana 141

90. Eric Gray Running Back Oklahoma 141

91. Austin Stogner Tight end Oklahoma 141

92. Jordan Davis Interior Defensive Lineman Georgia: 139

93. Nick Muse Tight End South Carolina 139

94. Desmond Ridder Quarterback Cincinnati:139

95. Jamaree Salyer Guard  Georgia 139

96. Mohammed Ibrahim Running Back Minnesota 138

97. Jalen Tolbert Wide Receiver South Alabama:138

98. Jake Furgerson Tight End Wisconsin 137

99. Alec Lindstrom Center Boston College 137

100. Romeo Doubs Wide Receiver Nevada: 135

101. Isaiah Chambers Edge McNeese 134

102. George Karlaftis Edge Purdue 134

103. Matthew Corral Quarterback Mississippi 133

104. Travis Jones Defense Lineman Connecticut 133

105. Khalil Sharkir Wide Receiver Boise State 133

106. Zachary Carter Interior Defensive Lineman Florida: 132

107. Theo Wease Wide Receiver Oklahoma 132

108. Akaylab Evans Cornerback Missouri 131

109. Dominic Blaylock Wide Receiver Georgia: 130

110. Daniel Faalele Offensive Tackle Minnesota:128

111. Quidaruis  Smoke Monday Safety Auburn 128

112. Olakunle Fatukasi Linebacker Rutgers  127

113. Phil Jurkovec Quarterback Boston College 127

114. Brook Kennedy Running Back Oklahoma 126

115. Jack Sanborn Linebacker Wisconsin 125

116. Lewis Cine Saftey Georgia 125

117. Myron Cunningham Offensive Tackle Arkansas: 125

118. Jarrett Kingston offensive Guard Washington State 125

119. Cam Taylor-Britt Cornerback Nebraska 125

120. Henry To’otoo’o Linebacker Alabama:124

121. Colin Newell Center Iowa State 122

122. Ikem Ekwonu Offensive Guard North Carolina State 121

123. Christopher Hinton Defensive Lineman Michigan 121

124. Josh Thompson Cornerback Texas 121

125. Rasheed Walker Offensive Tackle Pennsylvania State 121

126. Ronnie Bell wide Receiver Michigan 119

127. Coby Bryant Cornerback Cincinnati: 117

128. Cade Hall Edge San Jose State 115

129. Ali Gaye Edge  Louisiana State 114

130. D’Eriq King Quarterback Miami FL  114

131. Amare Barno Edge Virginia Technical 113

132. Nik Bonitto Linebacker Oklahoma 112

133. Xavier Thomas Edge Clemson 112

134. Chris Rodriguez Jr  Running Back Kentucky 111

135. Devonte Wyatt Defensive Lineman Georgia 111

136. DeAngelo Malone Linebacker Western Kentucky 110

137. Kalon Barnes Cornerback Baylor 109

138. Trajan Jeffcoat Edge Missouri 109

139. Avery Roberts Linebacker Oregon State 108

140. Drew White Linebacker Notre Dame 108

141. Trey Dean III Saftey Florida 106

142. Thomas Booker Defense Lineman Stanford 105

143. Dell Pettus Saftey Troy 105

144. Bubba Bolden Saftey Miami FL 104

145. Phidarian Mathis Interior Defensive Lineman Alabama 104

146. Tre Sterling Safety Oklahoma State 104

147. Connor Galvin Offensive Tackle Baylor 103

148. Steven Gilmore Cornerback Marshall 102

149. Bo Melton Wide Receiver Rutgers 102

150. Ellis Brooks Linebacker Pennsylvania State 101

151. Master Teague Running Back Ohio State 101

152. Tyreke Smith Edge Ohio State 100

153. Payton Wilson Linebacker North Carolina State 100

Damond Talbot

NFL Draft Diamonds was created to assist the underdogs playing the sport. We call them diamonds in the rough. My name is Damond Talbot, I have worked extremely hard to help hundreds of small school players over the past several years, and will continue my mission. We have several contributors on this site, and if they contribute their name and contact will be in the piece above. You can email me at

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