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Five Fantasy Football Wide Receivers to AVOID in your Fantasy Draft

This year in Fantasy Football I am going to personally avoid these five receivers. Here is why, who are you avoiding?
This year in Fantasy Football I am going to personally avoid these five receivers. Here is why, who are you avoiding?

Fantasy Football is fun, but do not be the guy standing on the side of the road in a dress holding a sign that reads “I lost Fantasy Football.” We are trying to help you out, and I am going out on a limb by predicting five players I think will struggle to put up big numbers in 2021. As you can see in the photo above, I am not to fond of Michael Thomas in New Orleans. I think this is going to be an ugly season for the Saints.

Michael Thomas – New Orleans Saints – There were reports that Thomas did not answer anyone from the team for months over the summer. He obviously is not happy and then you give him Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston as his quarterbacks? Thomas is not happy and I think his lack of desire to be in New Orleans is going to hurt him. The sad thing is if he actually tried with Jameis he would be pretty productive. Jameis is a decent quarterback and always puts up big numbers.

Julio Jones – Tennessee Titans – The Titans are a run first team, they have been and will continue being that. Everyone is assuming by adding Julio Jones the team is going to all the sudden turn into the Chiefs. That is not going to happen, especially when you have the hardest player in the NFL to tackle behind your quarterback.

Amari Cooper – Dallas Cowboys – Cooper has been dealing with an ankle injury and it has been continuing. I cannot see him playing the entire season. If he can in fact make it the season he would be the best pick on this list. I think he has the ability to be a top 10 wide out but his injury concerns me. I mean he has only had 90 receptions in his career once, and has only had two 80 reception seasons in his career. Many will take him high, and I personally would stay away.

Curtis Samuel – Washington Football Team – I think this is going to be the Terry McLaurin show in Washington. Samuel has been in and out of practice already. He has not been getting valuable reps with his old quarterback FitzMagic. When you add in the inconsistence of Fitz and the missing time, I think the WFT will get better production out of their back-ups.

Kenny Golladay – New York Giants – Golladay struggles staying healthy and the last time he did have a solid quarterback in Matthew Stafford when he was healthy an entire season he ate. I mean he will not be getting the ball 100 times like he did in Detroit. The Giants added Kadarius Toney and they have a running back who is one of the best receiving backs in the league. I do not see Daniel Jones attempting 50 passes a game. I would stay away from Golladay.


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