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Can Tyrod Taylor help the Texans forget about Deshaun Watson? Right now he is their starter….

Tyrod Taylor Fantasy Sleeper
Houston Texans were smart to sign Tyrod Taylor. He could end up making them forget about Deshaun Watson, I know call me crazy.

The Houston Texans are currently pushing their starting quarterback out the door, I mean they are kind of forced to do so. Deshaun Watson has 22 active allegations pending against him in court, the Houston Police Department is investigating him for a criminal case, and the team is dealing with a player who no longer wants to play on their team. Shoot, before these allegations, Watson was demanding a trade from the team. This cannot make things better.

The team is slowly distancing themselves from Deshaun Watson and maybe the team will not be able to get anything for him in a trade right now, because of his active case, but he is not likely going to be the starter come week 1. He could face a suspension from the NFL, and if the season was to start today, guess who is the starting quarterback?

If you guessed Tyrod Taylor you are right!

The former Virginia Tech highlight reel will be the starter for the Texans if it football started tomorrow. I know people will talk trash about him, but he is a gamer. Tyrod has led teams to the playoffs, and he was an electric player for the Bills before getting replaced by Josh Allen. Then he was traded to the Browns who replaced him with Baker Mayfield. Last year, after getting his lung punctured by a team doctor he was replaced by Justin Herbert. The crazy thing is Taylor was a Pro Bowl quarterback in 2015. Tyrod has not had an easy road, but he seems to do well when given an opportunity.

This year, there is not likely going to be a rookie to replace him right away. The team did sign Ryan Finley the former Bengals quarterback, and they do have the 67th pick in the NFL Draft, but unless Kyle Trask or Kellen Mond slip to 67 I cannot see the Texans going quarterback early. The Texans have filled tons of holes this year in free agency, but if everything stays the way it is right now, Tyrod would be the starter.

Do you know how amazing that would be?

Tyrod has 9,770 career passing yards, 54 career touchdowns and just 20 career interceptions. He does not turn the ball over much. When you add in the 16 touchdowns on the ground and the 1,850 yards rushing he can be an asset to the Texans. In the three years starting in Buffalo, he had 2 3,000 yard seasons and a 2,799 yards passing. He finished with 51 passing touchdowns. He has 54 in his career. If given a shot Tyrod can succeed. We need to stop sleeping on him, because overall I feel he can be a sleeper for the Texans.


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