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Salary Cap is set at 182.5 million dollars for the 2021 NFL season

Salary Cap Carryovers have been announced for all 32 teams
The NFL salary cap for 2021 has dropped 15.7 million dollars from last season. It is a huge drop off from last season. What can we expect?

The NFL finally has a salary cap number. This comes just a week away from Free Agency.

The league informed teams on Wednesday that the number will be $182.5 million. The $182.5 million cap represents a $15.7 million decrease from the 2020 salary cap of 198.2 million.

I would expect the 2022 Salary Cap to skyrocket with fans coming back into the stadiums and the huge television deal that is on the horizon.

This will be an interesting season and free agency. I would not be surprised if players sign one year deals with the idea of hitting free agency again in 2022 when they can earn more money.


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