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Draft Buzz: Catching up with Coastal Carolina TE Isaiah Likely

Coastal Carolina tight end Isaiah Likely is making plays left and right this year. He is a big-time playmaker with the ability to take a game over. He recently sat down with Jon-Michael Salter of NFL Draft Diamonds.

This week I had a chance to sit down with Coastal Carolina, Tight-End, Isaiah Likely. The rising prospect’s name has been thrown around football circles, more and more this season. Blessed with strong hands at the catch point. A clean route tree, and a willingness to get dirty in the run game. He has good speed for a guy his size (6-4 245LB), and the athleticism that offensive minds covet, at the highest level. Although his numbers aren’t eye-opening (17 catches for 423 yards and 4tds) the fact that his offense is stacked with talent, makes it more impressive. Also, he has averaged over 24 yards a catch this year. so if numbers matter to you, that should get you excited. I myself don’t get excited about the numbers, I love to watch the film. So before I sat down with him, I sat with a friend of mine, who is a scout in the NFL (asked to stay nameless) and watched every snap of likely this season. Afterward, I asked his opinion on the young star.

“Watching his tape you want to see more. In a good way really. I like his play, his style. he has a swagger to his play. Sort of an off the ball Tight-End. meaning I feel like he is more of a passing threat than a kid you will line up and have blocked all day. He can block, he can, but I like him spread out wide and beating a linebacker, or a slot corner. He has good size and looks 6’4. He has good size, and he moves so well. Great athlete. I think he was a basketball player or something because he moves like one. A lot of teams are doing that now, finding guys who played basketball, and handing them a helmet. He has that feel to him. When you get in the red zone and let him post up a defender. Hard to take it away from him I think. he reminds me a bit of Evan Ingram, from the Giants. Not to say he is the same level, but he reminds me of him. He has the skillset you love, I feel like he could take over a game. He has like 25 yards a catch, that is crazy. I want to see more!”

True, you could line Likely up and let him go. He has that type of playmaking ability, but I wanted to know who he was outside of football?

“Me? I am a guy that loves to have a good time. Not anything crazy, or anything like that. But I like to be with my friends, go out to have fun. We don’t look for trouble or whatever, but we do have fun. I really like music. I am not sure what to say, I don’t really like talking about myself. I guess you could say I am the guy that is always working. I like to work my butt off as a player. On and off the field. I take my craft seriously, so I work really hard on that. Want to be a great player, and be a guy that my team can really believe in. So I keep my focus on that. I am also a family guy. I know without my family I would be nowhere, I wouldn’t be anything without them, and I keep that in mind. I love my people. my friends and family mean the world to me. So I guess that is about it.”

Moving forward he spoke about his playing style, Getting the draft buzz, and what it was like being likened to pro-bowler, Evan Engram?

“Let me say real quick, it is nice I mean that it’s nice to be given some type of draft buzz, or love or whatever. But I know I need to keep working on my craft. I need to keep working and getting better. It is a nice thing to hear, but I want to worry about that when we get there. Right now, I am focusing on the things I can handle. Someone saying I play like Evan Engram, or remind them of him. is crazy. I think the guy is such a great player. In college, he was a star, and he is even better now. So that is crazy to me. But like I said I can’t worry about those things. I need to keep my head on what’s in front of me. As far as my playing style. You could say I am a guy that my team can trust. I am a guy that will work my butt off and get the job done. I think I can make a big play anywhere on the field. I know I am a playmaker. My coaches coach me up to be the guy I am, and I take it seriously. I know at the next level I can be a guy that my team can lean on to make a play. To block, or do any little thing that is needed to be a success.”

I had to say this again, 24 yards a play! This kid has 24 yards a catch. That is amazing. Moving on, I ask you to look at the tape. Watch for yourself, and see the talent he is.

Damond Talbot

NFL Draft Diamonds was created to assist the underdogs playing the sport. We call them diamonds in the rough. My name is Damond Talbot, I have worked extremely hard to help hundreds of small school players over the past several years, and will continue my mission. We have several contributors on this site, and if they contribute their name and contact will be in the piece above. You can email me at

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