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Five biggest surprises of Week 1 in the NFL

Mitch Trubisky surprise
Bears QB Mitch Trubisky balled out in Week 1 and is one of our biggest surprises of week 1. We have been too hard on the former UNC gunslinger. He led his Bears to a big win over the Lions. #BearUP not #BEARDOWN

The first week of the NFL is almost over. There have been some pretty amazing games this week already. We wanted to break down our biggest surprises after week 1 of the season. There were some shocking things that happened this week that we wanted to discuss. I am losing right now in Fantasy Football because of Mitch Trubisky, yes, I am shocked too. Who knew to start Mitch?

Five Biggest Surprises of Week 1 in the NFL

Get off Mitch Trubisky’s back!

Mitch Trubisky and the Chicago Bears were resilient and did not quit this past weekend. I did not think the Bears stood a chance against the Lions, but the Bears came out and punched the Lions in the mouth. The drop by Lions rookie running back D’Andre Swift summed up their day. Let’s not take anything away from Mitch Trubisky though, the kid was cold as ice and led his team to a huge comeback victory.

Browns and Odell Beckham Jr. have one thing in common

The Cleveland Browns did not even show up. Where is all that Baker Mayfield hype? What is going on? Both the Browns and Odell Beckham jr. looked like doo-doo (GET IT)? The Browns need to show up if they want to make the playoffs. Getting a touchdown from Njoku then missing a field goal sums up the game for the Browns. They were horrible on all phases yesterday.

Tank for Trevor? HECK NO

Gardner Minshew and the Jaguars are not playing around. People like MYSELF, said the Jaguars were in tanking mode, but let me explain something, I was wrong. Gardner Minshew is a beast. He tore it up this week. Minshew went 19-20 fro 173 and three touchdowns. It looks like the Jaguars already have a a long haired savior but his name is not Trevor.

Washington Football Team has LIFE with Ron Rivera

Washington Football Team punched the Eagles in the mouth. What happened to the Eagles? Howie looked to be on the right track and now they are looking further and further away from the truth. The Washington Football Team players went hard for their head coach who had to have an IV treatment at halftime. Second year QB Dwayne Haskins led the team speech at halftime and the team formerly known as the Redskins looked pretty damn good.

Tom Brady hype train crashed

I live in Florida and have been hearing about Tampa Bay and Tom Brady all year long. I have been told how the Bucs are going to run the table, they will not lose, Gronk is going to be an MVP for the Bucs, and the BUCS SUCKED. They were blasted by the New Orleans Saints, and it was not close. I am sorry, Bucs fans you cannot talk the rest of the week. Your grounded.


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