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If the Raiders moved on from Derek Carr would they be making the wrong move?

The Raiders would be silly to trade away their 28 year old quarterback for an old man.

Today, an article from Stephen Holder of the Athletic claims the Indianapolis Colts would have interest in Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr if he was made available in trade.

I know the Raiders are open to moving Carr, but is that the right move? The 28 year old quarterback is a former second round pick in 2014, and while he is getting paid a pretty penny, Carr is a solid player.

Carr played in every game last year for the Raiders throwing for 4,054 yards with 21 touchdowns and only 8 interceptions. Add in the fact that he completed 70.4 percent of his passes, and ran 27 times for 82 yards and scored twice on rushing touchdowns. That is pretty impressive for a quarterback.

While his contract is a little pricey, it is cheap compared to what Dak and others want. Carr’s salary next year is 18.9 million dollars and the year after he will get paid 19.52 million. That is a great deal for a quarterback, who will be thirty after that second year expires.

The Raiders have been linked to Tom Brady heavily, but I cannot see that being a better option at this point. I see this as more of a publicity move than a winning move. Brady is old, and he may have a year or two left if the Raiders offensive line can keep him in the upward position.

I mean if I was a team I would be more than happy to give up a 2nd round pick to land Carr. Shoot, he could be a great option for the Dolphins, and the Colts right now. Carr is a good player, and I feel he could be a stud in the right system. Imagine Carr replacing Brady in New England? That would be interesting.


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