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2020 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Jayln Cagle, RB, Gardner-Webb University

Jalyn Cagle the big back from Gardner Webb recently completed this interview with Jonathan Joyce of NFL Draft Diamonds.

Student-Athlete Profile:

  • Jayln Cagle
  • Gardner-Webb University
  • RB
  • 6’0”
  • 199 LBS.
  • Hometown: Kannapolis, NC
  • Twitter: @JCagle_GOTNEXT

2019 Accolades & Statistics:
  • 2019 Big South Football Second-Team All-Conference.
  • GP: 12
  • Rushing Attempts: 211
  • Rushing Yards: 930
  • YPA: 4.41
  • TDs: 8
  • Receptions: 31
  • Receiving Yards: 229
  • YPR: 7.39
  • TDs: 2

Congratulations on the All-Big South Conference honors. What is the first emotion you felt when receiving this news? Who is the first person you shared it with? 

Thank you. When I first heard the news I was proud and grateful for it, but I wasn’t satisfied because I have much more to prove. The first people I told were my roommates just because they are brothers to me. 

What have you taken away the most from Coach McCray, Coach Laster and the rest of the Gardner-Webb coaching staff?

What I took the most away from Coach McCray was his heart, his trust, and his pride. Coach McCray was the most caring man I have ever met and he will always have my respect. Coach Laster, I learned so much from him and he was like family to me and always will be. He is one of the coaches that made me the running back I am today. For the rest of the staff, they taught many things and will always have my respect. 

When football is over, what do you aspire to do in the professional world?

When football is over I would like to be a basketball or football coach. 

What separates you from other players at the Running Back position?

What separates me from other running backs is my patience, my awareness of the game, and my heart for the game. 

Who is the toughest player you’ve competed against during your collegiate career?

Darryl Johnson a Defensive End who played for North Carolina A&T and now he is a Buffalo Bill. He was so quick off the ball and had great technique. His size, speed, and his length was just unreal and he was a workhorse. 

Give me your Mount Rushmore of all-time running backs, past and present. What made you choose these players?  

Past: Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, Emmit Smith, LaDainian Tomlinson.

Present: Le’Veon Bell, Adrian Peterson, Ezekiel Elliott, Frank Gore. 

I chose these players because they’re top running backs who can do everything that a team needs a running back to do. They’re dynamic, explosive, powerful, and can make people miss. 

Is there a current or former NFL player you emulate your game after?

Le’Veon Bell for sure. 

Let’s take a trip back to the first day of your freshman year at A.L. Brown High School. What advice would you give yourself then, knowing what you know now?

The advice I would give myself is that if you want to be great or make it to the next level you have to put in that extra work because nothing comes easy. If you want to be the best you have to sacrifice things that you may like to do just to become the best. 

If I’m in Boiling Springs on a Saturday night during the Fall, where is the one place I have to eat at?

A hibachi grill called Hoshi. 

You’re in front of all 32 NFL General Managers and have 15 words or less to give them your pitch on why Jalyn Cagle will be an asset to their organization for years to come. What do you tell them?

I’m ready to work my butt off for every team here, I’m chasing greatness.

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