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2020 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Joshua Flowers, DB, Winston Salem State University

WSSU DB Joshua Flowers Recently sat down with Jonathan Joyce of NFL Draft Diamonds

Student-Athlete Profile:

  • Joshua Flowers
  • Winston Salem State University
  • DB
  • 6’2”
  • 190lbs.
  • Hometown: Willingboro, NJ
  • Twitter: @_jayflowers11

As an athlete, what is your motivation?

My motivation as an athlete is just putting myself in a position to create more for my people and just competing and wanting to be the best player on the field. My family is a big part of why I do what I do. Trying to change our scenery.

What defines success for you?

Success for me is leaving an impact in my family and creating success for others as well as myself because of the work I put in. I want to be able to look back and say I gave my all in everything I’ve done without any regrets.

What would your teammates say about the type of teammate you are?

My teammates would tell you I’m a good teammate and I’m always trying to make everything a good time no matter how hard it gets. I’m a very positive person and I can’t stand to see someone down, because at the end of the day it could be worse. I always remind myself that and it helps me be a better teammate.

What are some of your personal “rules” that you never break?

My main rules that I’ll never break is just to always be real with myself and to keep God first in every piece of my life.

Who is the toughest player you’ve competed against during your collegiate career?

The toughest player I’ve competed against during my college career was Billy Brown during my freshman year of college at Long Island University Post and he was a senior. He was a dog on the field, and he was the D2 player of the year for Shepard University. The way he played got him to the NFL and he ended up winning the Eagles first Super Bowl with them. My dream is to play in the NFL and make a career out of it. He is living the dream.

Who is the best player in the NFL?

Antonio Brown.

What is your team of choice on Madden, why?

Chiefs, because they have speed all around. I’m running Hail Mary’s all game!

Failure is inevitable in life. How do you handle situations that don’t go in your favor?

I pray on it and just continue to stay down until I come back up. Everything happens for a reason, you just got to keep going. Time doesn’t stop for anyone and I got a life to live.

Is there a current/former NFL player that you model your game after?

I model my game off of Marcus Peters and Jalen Ramsey. The way they play is aggressive and they’re very sound on the field and know the game. It’s a certain mentality you have to have as a Corner and they got it down.

Knowing what you do now, what would you go back and tell yourself as a High-School Freshman?

I would tell myself to go harder and focus on the little things first before the big things.

What is your go-to restaurant near campus?

I haven’t been to any restaurants in Winston yet.

If your life was a book, what would its title be?

“Soldier.” Through everything I’ve had to endure in my life I’ve continued to stay grounded and focused on the mission.

What song or artist do you like but rarely admit to liking?

It would have to be Kid Cudi because not too many people know that’s my favorite artist. I don’t play his music around other people. It’s a zone his music puts me in that helps me escape.

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, living or deceased, who would it be and why?

I would have dinner with my Uncle Clive. He passed away before I was born and my family always tells me I remind them of him and what type of great man he was. I wish I knew him, so having the dinner would give me the chance to experience how he was.

Forty-years from now, what do you want to be remembered for?

Forty years from now, I want to be remembered for giving everything I got, in everything I pursue and standing by my word and being a man of God. Everything else comes with that and I feel as if when I’m gone, that will have its biggest impact on people. People remember how you were, not what you had.

In 15 words or less, why should an NFL team invest in you?

I leave everything out on the field with everything I do.

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