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NFL Draft Diamonds Prospect Interview: Jordan Bradford, DT, Louisiana Tech University

Big Jordan Bradford is a mauler in the middle of the field. He recently sat down with NFL Draft Diamonds writer Jonathan Joyce for this amazing interview.
  • Jordan Bradford
  • Louisiana Tech University
  • Twitter: @Jnb11162

2017 Accolades & Statistics

  • 2017 C-USA Football All-Conference Honorable Mention.
  • 38 Total Tackles – 4.5 TFL – 2.0 Sacks – 1 FF.

What is your name?
  • Jordan Nichol Bradford III.

Where do you play College Football?

  • Louisiana Tech University.

What position do you play?

  • Defensive Tackle.

What is your height/weight?

  • 6’2″ 290lbs.

Did you play any other sports growing up? If so, what were they?

  • Basketball, Track and Field, Power-lifting.

Who is the toughest player you have competed against in College?

  • The toughest player I have competed against in a game is Will Hernandez from UTEP, but I don’t know if I have ever competed against an offensive lineman better than O’Shea Dugas who I get to go against every day.

Are you listening to music before a game? If so, what?

  • Kodak Black or Kevin Gates.

Do you have any superstitions before a game? If so, what are they?

  • I have more superstitions than a baseball player. I have a pre-game day pair of underwear and socks and I also have a game day pair. I am not able to travel with something if I did not bring it the week before after a win. I always say the same prayer before every game. Those are just a few.

Who is your role model & why?

  • My father is my role model. I know every kid says this about his father growing up, but I don’t know anyone else who is as blue collar, tough, and caring as he is. He will and has done everything he could do to put me in the best position possible.

While in College, what has been your favorite & least favorite class?

  • My favorite class would have to be a Business class and my least favorite class was History.

Outside of Football, what has been your favorite experience while in College?

  • I have a lot of great experiences in Ruston outside of football, but one memory that sticks out is when a couple of us guys went to a teammates lake house. A lot of memories and bonds were made that night.

Growing up, who was your favorite NFL Team & NFL player, & why?

  • The New Orleans Saints and Will Smith. I have been to more Saints games as a kid than most people go to in their lifetime. I can remember watching Will Smith warm up before every game and wanting to be like him.

If you could be in any movie of your choice, what would it be & what character would you play?

  • Lawless and I would play Forrest Bondurant (Tom Hardy).

If you could have dinner with three people, dead or alive, who are they?

  • My grandfather Oris Ladner who I have never met, my grandmother June Ladner who passed away when I was a kid, and I would include my mom because those are her parents and I know she would want to see them too.

If you could meet any historical figure, who would you choose & why?

  • Henry Ford, he proved that working together is better than working alone.

Who is your favorite superhero & why?

  • Captain America. His honor is what got him chosen to be a superhero.

What is your definition of hard work?

  • Doing whatever it takes to successfully get the job done or accomplished the goals you have set for yourself.

What is the most unexpected lesson you learned while in College?

  • How blessed I was growing up as a kid. You see a lot of people who have really been through the “struggle” and it made me not take anything for granted.

What is something you wish you could go back & tell yourself as a High School Freshman?

  • The next 4 years of your life will fly by so take in everything and don’t take anything for granted.

Why do you wear #94?

  • I wore #74 in high school so I just added 20 to it and got #94. It has a similar ring to it.

What is the best part of your hometown, Bay St. Louis, MS?

  • The view of the beach I use to have every morning and the small town feel. Growing up in Bay St. louis everyone was family.

Who do you choose, Jordan, LeBron or Kobe? Why?

  • LeBron. You can’t measure success by how many rings they have.

Are you a PS4 or Xbox One guy? What games are you playing right now?

  • PS4 and Fortnite whenever I get a chance to.

What has been your most memorable moment as a student-athlete?

  • I have a lot of them, but if I had to pick one it would be swimming across our on campus pond in Hideaway park for one of our workouts. Coach Hester would be responsible for a lot of my memories as a student athlete here at Louisiana Tech.

If you could have three wishes granted, what would they be?

  1. Have another year of High School football.
  2. Have my NCAA eligibility reset.
  3. Have three more wishes.

What is your hidden talent?

  • I know Sign Language.

If there is a book written about Jordan Bradford, what is the title?

  • “Curdog.”

What are three things on your “Bucket List?”

  1. Play in the NFL.
  2. Box Mike Tyson.
  3. Wrestle a bear.

Are you binge watching anything on Netflix or Hulu right now?

  • Not currently but I just finished Shooter.

If you had one free hour each day, how would you choose to use it?

  • I would use it to talk to my family, girlfriend, and other loved ones.

If you could sack any NFL QB, past or present, who would it be & why?

  • Brett Favre. He is a GOAT and we are from the same hometown.

What are the goals for 2018, both individually & for the Louisiana Tech football team?

  • My individual goals are to be C-USA 1st Team All-Conference, 3.5 GPA, and to graduate in the winter. Our Team goals are to win the conference championship and to win our 5th consecutive bowl game.

If you could give NFL scouts three words to describe the type of man they are getting in Jordan Bradford, what would they be?

  1. Committed.
  2. Blue Collar.
  3. Coachable.

What inspires you?

  • I have always just loved the game of football and the brotherhood that comes with it. Knowing that the man next to you is counting on you drives me. I also have a lot of people who look up to me and I can’t let them down.

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