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Underrated offensive weapons in the 2018 NFL Draft.

The 2018 NFL draft is so close, as I write this teams across the league are setting the final break down of their “big board”. At this point we all know who the “stars” are this year, we have all seen the same 20 to 30 names being talked about, on both sides of the ball. This year the draft is being dominated by the quarterback prospects, rightfully so, with it being a QB league. But when you really scour the draft, you will find a myriad of talented players, who should probably be getting more exposure this time of year. Unless you are “Draft Nerd” like myself, and the guys at NFL Draft Diamonds are, you may not of heard of a ton of deserving payers. Luckily , you have us to fill you in. Last week I out a similar article, profiling the names of a few defenders, so this week I decided to focus on the offense (Mainly the offensive weapons I.E. WR,RB,TE). Don’t worry I left the signal callers out of it.

WR Caylon Weathers (UT-Martin)- This years draft doesn’t seem to have a top 10 selection at wide-out, but don’t be fooled, it is stacked with talent this year. Enter Caylon Weathers, the 6’4 220 pound wide-out, is built like a legit number 1. Has the speed (4.4) teams covet, and the playmaking ability that will have the fans going crazy. What stands out about him is his route running ability, a she has an extensive tree, and is able to play inside and out. Plays in traffic and high points contested passes, while pulling winning most 50-50 balls.

TE Chris Herndon (Miami)- If it wasn’t for a late season injury we may be talking about Herndon as an day 2 prospect. AT 6’4 247 pounds, he has good size, but it is his athletic ability that stands out. He has great hands and moves extremely well for his size, while also serving as arguably the best run-blocker, of this years set of draft TE’s. Considered more of a move TE, Herndon has the tools to catch passes from anywhere on the field.

FB Ryan Nall (Oregon State)- While most have called the young runner, a FB going into the 2018 draft, I consider him a big tail back. Forget about where you may or may not think he will play, Nall is a legit football player, who has the tools to be a game changer at the next level. At 6’2 237, he has the size to be a FB in the league, and the blocking ability to help in the passing game. Bottom line is, the Beaver alum will make some NFL team really happy. Kid deserves more attention.

RB Mark Walton (Miami)- Much like his teammate (Chris Herndon) it was an injury that derailed this train. Arguably one of the mot talented runners in this years draft, Walton has the tools to help in the passing game as both a pass-catcher and blocker, and also has the skill to be a legit home run hitter at any time. He may not be the fastest of prospects, but the 5’10 210 pound, can be both a hammer between the tackles, with the ability to make people miss at the second level. When discussing potential steals in the NFL draft, Walton should and will be on top of the list come this season.


WR Keke Coutee (Texas Tech)- Watching the tape on Coutee, you can see the potential he could have at the next level. He is a true weapon on the inside at the slot, and a threat on the outside. He also adds a real threat on special teams, and has the real game breaker quality teams covet. A good offensive minded coach could get the most out of the young prospect, as he has the skills to play all over the offensive side of the ball. He may not be getting the attention some are, but come this season pay attention to the difference maker.

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