Top Five NFL Draft Picks by Selection Number (Picks 6-10)

Last week my boy Jonathan Joyce put together a Top Five NFL Draft Picks by Selection Number 1-5. He did a great job and it was so loved by our readers that he continued through the Top 10 picks.  Check it out below:

Top Five NFL Draft Picks by Selection Number (Picks 6-10) **Since 2000

Sixth Overall Pick

  1. Leonard Williams-DT USC (2015-present) New York Jets
  • 1x Pro Bowler
  • 87 Tackles-12 Sacks-2 FF
  1. Russell Okung-OT Oklahoma State (2010-present) Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos, Los Angeles Chargers
  • 2x Pro Bowler-1x Super Bowl Champion
  • 26 Sacks Allowed-53 Penalties
  1. Vernon Davis-TE Maryland (2006-present) San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos, Washington Redskins
  • 2x Pro Bowler-1x Super Bowl Champ
  • 548 REC-7,072 YDs-12.9 YPR-60 TDs
  1. Richard Seymour-DE/DT Georgia (2001-2012) New England Patriots-Oakland Raiders
  • 7x Pro Bowler-3x All-Pro-3x Super Bowl Champion
  • 324 Tackles-57.5 Sacks-4 FF
  1. Julio Jones-WR Alabama (2011-present) Atlanta Falcons
  • 5x Pro Bowler-2x All-Pro
  • 585 REC-9,054 YDs-15.5 YPR-43 TDs

Seventh Overall Pick

  1. Byron Leftwich-QB Marshall (2003-2012) Jacksonville Jaguars, Atlanta Falcons, Pittsburgh Steelers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • 1x SB Champion
  • 58 TDs-42 INTs-10,532 YDs-78.9 QB Rating
  1. Thomas Jones-RB Virginia (2000-2011) Arizona Cardinals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Chicago Bears, New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs
  • 1x Pro Bowler
  • 2,678 Att.-10,591 YDs-4.0 YPA-68 TDs
  1. Joe Haden-DB Florida (2010-present) Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers
  • 2x Pro Bowler
  • 317 Tackles-3.0 Sacks-20 INTs-4 FF
  1. Mike Evans-WR Texas A&M (2014-present) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • 1x Pro Bowler
  • 309 REC-4,579 YDs-14.8 YPR-32 TDs
  1. Adrian Peterson-RB Oklahoma (2007-present) Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, Arizona Cardinals
  • 7x Pro Bowler-4x All-Pro-1x MVP-2007 AP Off. ROY-2008 Burt Bell Award Winner-2012 AP Off. POY
  • 2,574 Att.-12,276 YDs-4.8 YPA-99 TDs


Eighth Overall Pick

  1. Vic Beasley-OLB Clemson (2015-present) Atlanta Falcons
  • 1x Pro Bowler-1x All-Pro
  • 75 Tackles-24.5 Sacks-1 INT-9 FF
  1. Jack Conklin-OT Michigan State (2016-present) Tennessee Titans
  • 1x All-Pro
  • 3 Sacks Allowed-9 Penalties
  1. Antrel Rolle-DB Miami, Fla. (2005-2015) Arizona Cardinals, New York Giants, Chicago Bears
  • 3x Pro Bowler-1x SB Champion
  • 705 Tackles-4.0 Sacks-26 INTs-8 FF
  1. DeAngelo Hall-DB Virginia Tech (2004-present) Atlanta Falcons, Oakland Raiders, Washington Redskins
  • 3x Pro Bowler
  • 636 Tackles-2.0 Sacks-43 INTs-11 FF
  1. Jordan Gross-OT Utah (2003-2013) Carolina Panthers
  • 3x Pro Bowler-1x All-Pro
  • N/A

Ninth Overall Pick

  1. John Henderson-DT Tennessee (2002-2011) Jacksonville Jaguars, Oakland Raiders
  • 2x Pro Bowler
  • 378 Tackles-29.0 Sacks-8 FF
  1. Tyron Smith-OT USC (2011-present) Dallas Cowboys
  • 5x Pro Bowler-2x All-Pro
  • 33 Sacks Allowed-51 Penalties
  1. Kevin Williams-DT Oklahoma State (2003-2015) Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks, New Orleans Saints
  • 6x Pro Bowler-5x All-Pro
  • 373 Tackles-63.0 Sacks-5 INTs-10 FF
  1. Luke Kuechly-LB Boston College (2012-present) Carolina Panthers
  • 5x Pro Bowler-4x All-Pro-2012 AP Def. ROY-2013 AP Def. POY
  • 527 Tackles-10.5 Sacks-15 INTs-5 FF
  1. Brian Urlacher-LB New Mexico (2000-2012) Chicago Bears
  • HOF-8x Pro Bowler-4x All-Pro-2000 AP Def. ROY-2005 AP Def. POY
  • 1,040 Tackles-41.5 Sacks-22 INTs-11 FF

Tenth Overall Pick

  1. Stephon Gilmore-CB South Carolina (2012-present) Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots
  • 1x Pro Bowler
  • 244 Tackles-16 INTs-3 FF
  1. Michael Crabtree-WR Texas Tech (2009-present) San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders
  • 579 REC-6,870 YDs-11.9 YPR-51 TDs
  1. Jerod Mayo-LB Tennessee (2008-2015) New England Patriots
  • 2x Pro Bowler-1x All-Pro-1x SB Champion-2008 AP Def. ROY
  • 535 Tackles-11.0 Sacks-3 INTs-8 FF
  1. Todd Gurley-RB Georgia (2015-present) St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams
  • 2x Pro Bowler-1x All-Pro-2015 AP Off. ROY- 2017 AP Off. POY
  • 786 Att.-3,296 YDs-4.2 YPA-29 TDs
  1. Terrell Suggs-LB/DE Arizona State (2003-present) Baltimore Ravens
  • 7x Pro Bowler-1x All-Pro-1x SB Champion-2003 AP Def. ROY-2011 AP Def. POY
  • 576 Tackles-125.5 Sacks-7 INTs-32 FF

Damond Talbot

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