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NFL Draft Diamonds Week 10 Pick Em’

Last week we went 5-8, YUCK.  So far on the year we are 56-50, and we are hoping to get back on track.  Tonight will be a good game when the Seahawks face the Cardinals.  Let’s see this weeks line-up:

  • Seahawks v. Cardinals
  • Saints v. Bills
  • Packers v. Bears
  • Browns v. Lions
  • Bengals v. Titans
  • Steelers v. Colts
  • Jets v. Buccaneers
  • Vikings v. Redskins
  • Chargers v. Jaguars
  • Texans v. Rams
  • Cowboys v. Falcons
  • Giants v. 49ers
  • Patriots v. Broncos
  • Dolphins v. Panthers


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