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Aaron Hernandez judge does not want any Patriots garb in the court room

aaron hernandezAaron Hernandez will be in trial soon for the murder of Odin Lloyd a former semi pro football player from the Connecticut area.  Well today, the Judge ordered a very special requirement for Hernandez’ court appearance.  No one during the trial will be allowed to wear Aaron Hernandez jersey’s or Patriots garb for that matter.

Jenny Wilson    @jennydwilson
During Aaron Hernandez trial, no one will be allowed into court wearing Patriots or other NFL team logo, per judges order

Hernandez’s team did a good job today. The biggest win came when they talked about the text messages.

Superior Court Judge Susan Garsh ruled that prosecutors may not introduce the texts that murder victim Odin Lloyd sent his sister shortly before his death.

In the texts, Lloyd said that he was with Hernandez, whose trial is scheduled to start next month. Lloyd was dating a sister of Hernandez’s fiancee.

“U see who I’m with?” Lloyd, who was shot and killed on June 17, 2013, wrote in a text.

“NFL,” he wrote, referring to Hernandez, “just so you know.”

Prosecutor William McCauley said the messages demonstrated Lloyd feared for his life.

But defense attorney James Sultan said the texts “do not suggest fear. They do not suggest knowledge of impending death. They are totally innocuous on their face.”

Garsh said the victim’s “state of mind is relevant to motive only if there is reason to believe the defendant knew of it.”

Lloyd’s texts were not a “dying declaration,” the judge said, adding that prosecutors “do not provide a basis to infer that he was under the belief of imminent death.”

I still cannot see how Hernandez gets hit with murder. I honestly believe he will walk away from this case. They need to prove he was the trigger man and I cannot see it happening.


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