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Tampa Bay Buccaneers football player is suing the NFL and Broncos for 500k plus in THC fines

Oday Aboushi and Randy Gregory began throwing blows at one another and they were quickly suspended for one game each by the NFL.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers football player is suing the NFL and Broncos for 500k plus in THC fines

Randy Gregory has been fined quite a bit of money over the years for his use of THC, and now he wants his money back.

According to Justin Wingerter of BusinessDen, the Buccaneers pass rusher has filed a lawsuit against the NFL and the Denver Broncos under the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act. Gregory says in the lawsuit, that he needs THC to treat social anxiety disorder, and PTSD, but was fined more than 500,000 dollars after he tested positive for the drug.

This could be an amazing lawsuit for the NFL players, because many would rather use CBD to treat their pain and issues than pills.

Here is what the complaint states:

“Mr. Gregory requested an accommodation from the NFL and Broncos to consume Dronabinol to treat his disabilities,” the civil complaint alleges. “Specifically, Mr. Gregory sought to consume Dronabinol, which is synthetic cannabis, at the direction of his treating physician during non-work hours. The NFL and the Broncos denied his request noting that THC is a federally controlled substance. Since requesting an accommodation, Mr. Gregory has paid $532,500 in penalties to the NFL for consuming THC to treat his disabilities. Regardless of a positive test, Mr. Gregory is expected to play in every game, attend practice, attend media sessions, and fulfil his job responsibilities. In other words, he cannot be suspended for a positive test alone. Significantly, the NFL and the Broncos profited from Mr. Gregory’s continued employment.”

This is wild, but he may have good case!


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