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Bill Belichick’s girlfriend’s 64-year-old ex-boyfriend defends her

Bill Belichick's girlfriend's 64-year-old ex-boyfriend defends her
Bill Belichick’s girlfriend’s 64-year-old ex-boyfriend defends her

Okay, many thought Jordon Hudson was a gold digger, but no that is not the case, she likes old guys.

According to her former ex-boyfriend Joshua Zuckerman a 64-year-old businessman she is not a gold digger. He told TMZ Sports he met Hudson several years ago, and they became romantic after bonding over psychology, philosophy, and nature.

He blasted the haters while praising her as “wise beyond her years.”

The two were off and on for a while but ceased their dating relationship just before Hudson hooked up with Belichick. Here is what he said,

“I’ve been getting calls left and right from news stations about my relationship with Jordon Hudson,” he said. “I have been involved with Jordon platonically and romantically and I consider her a good friend. I feel bad that she’s caught up in this whirlwind.”

He continued, “I’m a former business owner in the healthcare field — we regularly discuss business and shared interest in psychology, philosophy, and most importantly, our love of nature.”

“She is wise beyond her years, much more than any 20-something I’ve ever met in my life. The narrative about her character is not fair to her.”

Well, there you have it, she just likes old heads.


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