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Assessing Keon Coleman’s Draft Stock Amidst 40-Time Concerns

Assessing Keon Coleman's Draft Stock Amidst 40-Time Concerns
Assessing Keon Coleman’s Draft Stock Amidst 40-Time Concerns

The recent NFL combine showcased Keon Coleman’s athleticism and skill set, but his 40-yard dash time raised some eyebrows among scouts and analysts. Despite falling short of expectations in this area, I believe Coleman’s draft stock won’t be significantly impacted, and he remains a high Day 2 pick.

While the 40-yard dash is often viewed as a critical measure of speed and explosiveness, it’s important to consider other factors that contribute to a player’s effectiveness on the field. One such factor is Coleman’s performance in the gauntlet drill during the combine. His speed and fluidity in this drill demonstrated his ability to run crisp and and quickly in his routes. This suggests that while he may not possess elite breakaway speed, he compensates with agility and precision in his route running.

Moreover, Coleman’s strong showing in the gauntlet indicates a high level of confidence in his hands and catching ability. This reliability as a pass-catcher adds value to his overall skillset and enhances his appeal to NFL teams.

While a sub-4.6 40-yard dash time would have been ideal, Coleman’s performance in other aspects of the combine, particularly the gauntlet drill, mitigates concerns about his speed. Instead of viewing his 40 time as a significant drawback, scouts may focus on his strengths as a route-runner and pass-catcher.


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