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American Football Players Who Like to Play Casino Games

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American Football Players Who Like to Play Casino Games

Casino gaming is a favorite pastime of many people like actors, politicians, physicians, and others. So it’s no surprise that it will also appeal to those in sports, including golfers, athletes, and even some American football stars. After hours of training, intense games, and interviews, many of them like to unwind by playing casino games, either online or by visiting a traditional brick-and-mortar casino. Some American football players have even formed partnerships with casinos or created businesses around them.

The relationship between American football and casinos is deep-rooted. In fact, in recent times, Aristocrat Gaming has even brought out NFL-themed slot machine games and jackpots. They were brought out in 2023 before the Super Bowl in Las Vegas. This was the first time the NFL did a casino licensing deal, which was a key reversal for the League. The National Football League was strongly against legalized sports betting. However, a Supreme Court decision in 2018 reversed this, letting the states allow sports wagering and partnering with the American Gaming Association.

There are many awesome slot games and other casino games now that are based on the National Football League. At, you can review some of the most exciting slot games, blackjack, roulette, keno, bingo, and many other casino games for 2024. Many of them are quite thrilling. For example, the NFL-themed slot games developed by Aristocrat Gaming have customizable skins, which allow players to select their teams, load relevant imagery, stadium anthems, and videos of important game moments.

The progressive NFL Super Bowl Jackpot is worth more than $1 million. The slot games can be played at many casinos and hotels in Las Vegas and also the city’s international airport.

American Football Players into Casinos and Other Sports Betting

For some reason, it has been seen that most American football players prefer table games over slot machines, which is kind of an aberration, as slots are one of the most popular casino games with the masses. You will often see many football players at land-based venues trying their luck or simply enjoying them and getting noticed. Of course, many more play online when they have the time.

Here are some NFL players who are known to enjoy sports betting. While some of them are into casino games, online or offline, others are into other forms of betting. For example, Brett Favre was into golf betting and Michael Vick was into dog fights. Some American footballers like Art Schlichter have landed into trouble, but it has been an easy ride mostly for the others.

Art Schlichter

A former quarterback, Art Schlichter used to feature for many NFL teams during the 1980s. He is also known for being a regular casino player. However, sadly, it became an addiction for him, which eventually derailed his football career and caused legal issues. Art started gambling during his college days and continued even when playing professional football. The emergence of platforms, such as made cashing out the winnings easier. Reportedly, Schlichter spent millions of dollars on betting, which eventually landed him in trouble.

Brett Favre

Brett played as a quarterback for many teams like the Minnesota Vikings, New York Jets, and Green Bay Packers. He was active on the golf field, while not playing football. However, Brett did much more than just play golf. He used to place bets with his teammates and also with other players. He often said that he loved the excitement of golf wagering. He never faced any issues because of his gambling as he could keep this under control.

Paul Hornung

Paul played as a kicker and halfback for the Green Bay Packers in the NFL between 1957 and 1966. This retired player then featured for the New Orleans Saints in 1967. He used to wager often on many matches as Paul loved both gambling and football. At the time, this was against the rules, and so, he was suspended from the NFL for a year in 1963. Alex Karras, a teammate of Paul, was also involved. Later, Hornung admitted to betting on football games but said that he was not involved in any illegal activity like point-shaving.

Michael Vick

Michael Vick was a big name in American football in the 200s. He played as a quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, Atlanta Falcons, and other teams. He was also into gaming when he was not on the football field. But for him, it was dog fights, which eventually landed him in trouble. In later years, Michael changed considerably and spoke out often against animal cruelty.

Chad Johnson

Popularly called Chad Ochocinco, he played as a wide receiver for the New England Patriots, Cincinnati Bengals, Montreal Alouettes, Miami Dolphins, and Fundidores de Monterrey during the 200os and won many awards. Chad used to love gambling too, especially horse racing, and spent thousands of dollars on this. Chad also owned many racehorses. However, he has never faced any gambling issues with the law. While speaking on horse racing, Chad conceded that he loved the unpredictability and excitement of the sport and said it helped him relax when he was not playing football.

According to estimates, about 30 million NFL fans play slot machine games already. However, globally, the National Football League has more than 410 million fans, which makes the NFL the world’s largest sports property. The number of American football players in casino gaming and other forms of betting is surely going to increase in the coming years. Also, with the launch of the NFL-themed slots, more NFL fans are surely going to be attracted to these exciting games.


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