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Dan Campbell is going “All In” on Jared Goff as his starting quarterback

Dr. Jesse Morse breaks down an oblique injury Detroit Lions QB Jared Goff is dealing with.
Dan Campbell is going “All In” on Jared Goff as his starting quarterback

Dan Campbell is a fan of Jared Goff and he should be!

Jared Goff when traded to the Lions for Matthew Stafford ended up being a very good deal for both teams. The Rams won a Super Bowl and the Lions are on the verge of becoming a true competitor.

When Dan Campbell was asked about Jared Goff, he was very clear to let the world know that Jared Goff is his starting quarterback moving forward and there is no question about it.

“I get it because it hasn’t happened yet…To me, Jared Goff is a winning QB. You can win in this league with that guy and you can’t say that for a lot of guys. Take the NFC championship. He gave us a chance to win that…I’m glad he’s ours and you can argue that he’s grown more than a lot of players we’ve had,” Campbell bluntly responded when asked about the perception Jared Goff can’t be a Super Bowl-winning QB.

Jared Goff threw for 4,575 yards (second in the NFL), 30 passing touchdowns (4th in the NFL), had a QBR of 60.3 (11th in the NFL) and threw 12 interceptions on the season.

I am not sure who was saying the Lions needed a change at quarterback, but I am glad that news has now been shot down by the big knee biter!


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