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Cowboys are Silent in Free Agency | Are they still ALL-IN?

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Cowboys are Silent in Free Agency | Are they still All-In?

As the free agents all find new homes, only one team has yet to make any moves in strengthening their roster. None other than the Dallas Cowboys.

With the limited cap space held by the Cowboys, it does make it difficult to have any wiggle room when it comes to signing free agents, largely due to Dak Prescott’s cap hit of nearly 60 million dollars. 

Without an attempt to restructure his contract, Dallas may be sitting on the sidelines when it comes to signing any free agents this off-season. 

With departures such as Tony Pollard to the Tennessee Titans and Dante Fowler Jr. signing with the Commanders, the Cowboys have lost more during the free agency period than they’ve gained. This is especially concerning when you consider Jerry Jones’ remark about being “all in” this off-season.

Still, the Cowboys face quite a few obstacles, and fans are not happy.

PS. The Cowboys did sign Eric Kendricks away from the 49ers. Instead, Kendricks is expected to join a Cowboys defense that over the past three years has been led by standout linebacker Micah Parsons. 


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