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Super Bowl Regulations: Chiefs and 49ers Players Barred from Engaging in Gambling Activities in Las Vegas 

Ahead of the upcoming Super Bowl, players from the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs are set to gather in Las Vegas, the nation’s gambling capital. However, a September 29 memo, updating the NFL’s dynamic gambling policy, specifies that these players are restricted from engaging in any form of gambling activities in the lead-up to the Super Bowl. This memo, particularly relevant as Las Vegas hosts the Super Bowl for the first time on February 11, outlines distinct rules for players traveling for official games and those traveling during their personal time.

According to the memo obtained by the Washington Post, Chiefs and 49ers players are explicitly prohibited from participating in any kind of gambling activities in various settings, such as club or league facilities, team planes, team hotels, or during NFL-related events like joint practices. The prohibition extends to all forms of gambling, including sportsbooks and no deposit casinos which are available at link

Interestingly, players from teams other than the Chiefs or 49ers, present in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl, are allowed to engage in legal gambling during personal time, excluding bets on NFL football. The memo emphasizes that this freedom applies to league or club events, such as the Draft, Pro Bowl, or Super Bowl, as long as it doesn’t involve participation in the player’s club’s game or in-season team activities.

The consequences for breaking these rules are not explicitly detailed for Chiefs or 49ers players, but the memo makes clear that first-time offenders betting on non-NFL games face a two-game suspension without pay. However, the potential application of this penalty to the Super Bowl remains uncertain. Meanwhile, first-time offenders betting on NFL games, excluding Chiefs and 49ers players, may face an indefinite suspension with a minimum duration of one year.

The stringent rules surrounding sports betting reflect the NFL’s evolving stance on gambling, prompted by the 2018 Supreme Court ruling that opened the door to legalized sports betting nationwide. Despite the league’s embrace of sports betting and Las Vegas, player participation is strictly regulated, and the rules have been continuously updated, with penalties handed out to violators.

To mitigate temptation during Super Bowl week, both the Chiefs and 49ers will stay at hotels near Lake Las Vegas, approximately 25 miles away from the bustling Las Vegas Strip. This strategic move aims to ensure that players remain focused on the game, steering clear of the allure of the city’s renowned gambling establishments.

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