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2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Chevan Cordeiro, QB, San Jose State

2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Chevan Cordeiro, QB, San Jose State
Chevan Cordeiro the athletic quarterback from San Jose State University is a sleeper in the 2024 NFL Draft

Player Data

Name, Jersey #Chevan Cordeiro, #2
School (Code)CASJ
DOB, Class Yr10/1/1999, Sixth-Year Senior.
Height, Weight6010, 190
40 Yd Dash4.58
Position/DepthQB, #1
Honors/CaptainshipAll-Mountain West First Team (2023); All-Mountain West Second Team (2022); All-Mountain West Honorable Mention (2020); Two-Time Hawaii Team Captain (2020, 2021)
Season Viewed (yr)2023
Scout Name / DateRyan Vidales 1/21/24

Per Year Stats

2023(San Jose State) 13 GP (13 GS), 223/362 (61.6 CMP %), 2773 Pass Yds, 20 Pass TD, 4 INT, 81 Car, 272 Rush Yds, 3 Rush TD
2022(San Jose State) 12 GP (12 GS), 259/427 (60.7 CMP %), 3251 Pass Yds, 23 Pass TD, 6 INT, 138 Car, 365 Rush Yds, 9 Rush TD
2021(Hawaii) 11 GP (10 GS), 195/353 (55.2 CMP %), 2793 Pass Yds, 17 Pass TD, 11 INT, 116 Car, 342 Rush Yds, 3 Rush TD
2020(Hawaii) 9 GP (9 GS), 195/313 (62.3 CMP %), 2083 Pass Yds, 14 Pass TD, 6 INT, 116 Car, 483 Rush Yds, 7 Rush TD
2019(Hawaii)  12 GP (3 GS), 69/120 (57.5 CMP %), 907 Pass Yds, 8 Pass TD, 3 INT, 40 Car, 212 Rush Yds, 3 Rush TD
2018(Hawaii) 4 GP (1 GS), 30/49 (61.2 CMP %), 384 Pass Yds, 6 Pass TD, 2 INT, 23 Car, 46 Rush Yds

Player Summary:

Cordeiro is a sixth-year quarterback with moderate height/weight measurements and a slender build with sufficient room to add mass to his frame. He appeared in 61 games, including 46 starts, between Hawaii and San Jose State from 2018-2023. As the all-time leader in total yards and touchdowns in Mountain West history, Cordeiro offers a comprehensive blend of arm talent, athleticism, toughness, and FBI. He boasts an elongated throwing motion but snaps his wrist forcefully at the release point to generate substantial velocity. His footwork remains both rhythmic and consistent regardless of the situation. He operates with a fearless mentality to deliver the ball into tight windows to all ranges of the field and has the arm strength to attack the defense at all three levels. He prioritizes driving the ball to the intermediate MOF and uses excellent touch & ball placement to layer throws over the second level. His arm strength, touch, and ball placement combine to create an accurately thrown level-three ball down the perimeter. Cordeiro flashes pinpoint ball accuracy on three-quarter throws both on or off platform. He displays significant poise and patience to give ample time for routes to develop downfield. Cordeiro provides great mobility and an instinctive feel in the pocket to evade pressure. He possesses legitimate 4.5 speed and exhibits considerable twitch & physicality when he moves outside the pocket. Maintainshigh-level ball accuracy/placement while on the move and keeps his eyes downfield when forced off schedule. Cordeiro is a strong processor who places a high premium on ball security, which is evidenced by his low interception numbers over the last two seasons. He actively scans the field and works through his progressions on every drop back. Additionally, he has the toughness and durability to withstand heavy contact in a crowded pocket and the open field.

Scheme Fit:

Run-first offense with a West Coast-influenced horizontal passing game

Power Statement:

Cordeiro is an under-valued, dual-threat prospect with the requisite velocity, touch, and ball accuracy to make any throw on the field. His pocket awareness, mobility, and elusiveness are valuable characteristics that will make him a difficult QB to game plan for at the next level.

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